The Gardening Elves

I am not a gardener.  Which is sort of funny consider my parents both have green thumbs and a huge garden with a green house.  I spent many hours, each summer when I was growing up, helping to weed my parents many flower beds and the vegetable garden.  Now a days though?  I have one living plant in my house and the only reason it’s alive is because it refuses to die, despite my lack of attention and frequently forgetting to water it.

Then there’s my hubby.  He’s a plant killer too.  Yes, we’re an evil family.

So who knows what we were thinking buying a house with 10,000 sq ft worth of back yard.  Yeah, the non-gardening, kill all plants (yes, grass counts as a plant), ‘there’s no air conditioning outside’, couple bought a house that sits on a quarter acre lot.  We spend a lot of time looking at said backyard wondering “What the hell were we thinking?!”

Despite the size of our backyard, it’s our front yard that has been the bane of my existence.  Every year I hack at the weeds and the grass that are desperate to over take the two flowerbeds, and every year I loose.  Last year I managed to dig up the larger flowerbed, put down a weed barrier, and lay down a rock bed instead.  This year my project was going to be to dig up the flowerbed at the front of the yard completely and put down some soil and grass seed.  It was not a project I was looking forward too.  Fair to say I’ve been putting it off for the last month.  In the list of things to do, it’s always at the bottom.

Today that stupid flowerbed was magically dug up without us having to lift a finger.  OK, so it wasn’t magical elves that did it, but it was still pretty cool.  One of the towns churches was having a ‘Pay it Forward’ event.  Our neighbours friend, who’s a member of this church, contacted her and asked her if there was anything that they needed help with.  My neighbour fights the same battles I do with flowerbeds (except there house has a lot more landscaping, thus a lot more beds to weed), so said someone to help do a bit of the weeding would be wonderful.

Imagine our surprise when several vehicles full of people pulled up, bright and early this morning, ready to help with yard work.  Well not only did they power through my neighbours flowerbeds, they came over dug up that bed I’ve been wanting gone for the past five years .  It took three guys to do it,  but they got it done.  Hurray!!  It is gone.  And not only did these angels do that for us, then then mowed and edged our lawn and tidied up the hedge that separates our yard from our neighbours.  All that work would have taken me the next month to do.   It is such a relief not to have my front lawn look like the local redneck lives there (seriously… we were a car on blocks on the lawn away from being the local white trash house).

All this work done and all I had to do was make a few salads for lunch, and buy some hot dogs and buns.  Now, instead of dragging Vista out to the front yard and trying to keep an eye on her while I try to get a few minutes of yard work done, I can spend all my time playing with her and enjoying our yard.

We finished up tonight, laying down some soil and seed, pruning back the tree in the front, and enjoying an ice cream with our neighbours as we admired our freshly manicured yards (and perhaps discussing the fact that hiring landscapers to maintain your yard for you might just be money well spent).

But the whole point of this was to ‘Pay it Forward’.  So that means it’s our turn.  Suggestions?

By the way – in case you were wondering what 10,000 sq ft looks like… here’s one corner of our yard (and don’t forget to note the brown dying grass)

vistainyard The Gardening Elves

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3 Responses to The Gardening Elves

  • ali says:

    Im jealous of your yard! How nice of them to come help you like that. I guess I can see why a yard like that has a bigger pull than Starbucks…maybe…ok, not.

    Jenn Reply:

    It is nice to have such a big yard to run around and play in, but it does take a lot of work. But I really miss having a starbucks close by. Of course, maybe that’s a good thing. Drinking java chip fraps all day, I’d end up weighing 500lbs

  • avasmommy says:

    How awesome. Wish I had elves to take care of the yard. Will have to work on that. Of course I may have to pay mine. Hmm.

    Anyways, how bout contacting a local church or charity and find a family in need and help them out? Gift card for groceries, summer clothes for the kids, etc?

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