The Luckiest Little Girl

What makes a man a great father?

Is it the first adoring cuddle of his new baby girl? His willingness to sit for hours and hold her while she sleeps in his arms?

BilAndBabyV 300x225 The Luckiest Little Girl

Is it the weeks spent at the hospital, while his job languished, because his new baby was more important? Making sure she was fed and changed and warm and loved.

Feeding 300x225 The Luckiest Little Girl

Is it his willingness to wear bows and tiara’s, just because it’ll make her smile? Is it the way he lays on the floor and makes up games to entertain her?

DSC 0235 300x199 The Luckiest Little Girl

Or maybe it’s just the way he loves her so much.

What ever the reason, Vista’s the luckiest little girl with the best Daddy ever.

Happy Father’s Day Bil.

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