The Princess is in Da House!

Last nights BlogHer@Home kicked off with some great giveaways and some amazing people.  And some really stupid trolls.  But we’ll continue to ignore them.  (FYI, we’ll be password protecting the chat tonight.  Details to come)

Thanks again to everyone who’s come out to support us in that.  We’ve had so much fun doing it. And a huge thanks to all the amazing sponsors.  Without you guys our party would have been really booooooooring.

Welcome to all the BlogHer@Home people doing our Blog Tripping party before chat kicks off tonight.  *waves*

I was hoping to put up my own blog design before y’all came a callin’ but sadly ran out of time.  So you’re stuck with stock templates instead.

A bit about me, for those who haven’t been privy to the whining for the past few months.  I’m a WAHM (work at home mom).  I have a 2yr old daughter who keeps us on our toes constantly.  My hubby is Bil.  If you want to know about Sharepoint, go talk to him here.

That’s about it in a nutshell.  Yeah, I’m really not that interesting a person.  I just play one on Twitter.

Oh, and too all those people who said I have an accent…. DO NOT  *PFFFFFFFTTTTTT*

(yeah, I’m also real mature like that)

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