I’ve always wondered how my mom used to get so much done during the day with 3 kids.  This week I discovered her dirty little secret.

I’ve started to let Vista play in the backyard by herself.  And I’ve found I have time. Time to get things done.  It’s kind of weird.  I do confine myself to the kitchen where I can keep an eye on her through our big windows.  But still.  There’s a lot to be done in a kitchen.

I did notice, though, today she hadn’t been playing with her little red car like she usually does.  I thought it might be stuck somewhere so I went out to check.  I saw it and also saw that she had been throwing sand on top of it.

aphids 300x262 EWW, EWWW, EWWWWWW

*sigh*  She knows better than to throw sand around.

I went over to dust it off and put it out for her to play with.

As I got closer, though, I realized…

…OMG…that’s not sand on top of her car.


Oh no.  Oh no, no, no.  Aphids.  Hundreds.  Thousands.



Like seriously.  Hate.

Picture me doing the ‘eww, eww, eww, get it off’ dance while running to get my camera.

My skin is still crawling.  Ugh.

So anyone have a solution for the sudden aphid infestation in my backyard?

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