You’re An Expert In WHAT Exactly?

Dear Twitter follower.

When calling yourself a ‘Social Media Consultant’ it’s helpful to have more than 100 followers on Twitter to back up your claims.

After all, I’m just a stay at home mom and I have over 800 followers (some of them actually real people even… I think).  So what does that make me?  A Social Media Guru Extraordinaire?  No, I didn’t think so.

Your web designs are lovely.  And I appreciate the fact you have a strong background in design and marketing.

But throwing a few things up on Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube does not make you an expert in social media any more than my eating cheese makes me an expert on cows.

With that in mind, please take those silly claims off your page and build some credibility before you start selling yourself as an expert in anything.

socialmediaconsultantwordle 300x202 Youre An Expert In WHAT Exactly?

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