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Kids on Color

olive Kids on ColorMe:  “Vista, what color is mommy’s shirt?”

Vista:  “Ummmm… black?”

Me: “Actually this is green.  It’s called olive.  Can you say olive?”

Vista: “Awful”

Me: “No… allllll-live.  Olive.  The O is a ‘awe’ sound.  You try.  Olive.”

Vista: “Awful”

Me:  “Are you trying to tell me something?  You’re a little young to tell mommy how to dress considering you still can’t dress yourself.”

New 10¢ Template: Arizona Morning

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screenshot New 10¢ Template: Arizona Morning

Color Me Gray

Everywhere I look I see color.  The vivid green of the spring grass, the deep oranges of fall leaves, the icy blue of the glacier fed lakes as we drive through the mountains.

But what if all you saw was life as a black and white movie?  Complete absence of color.

My husband, Bil, is that person.  Life is presented to him in hues of gray.

Being with him has made me realize I take what I see for granted.

Me: “Follow the red car”

Him: “*sigh*   Which car?”


Me: “It’s the green house here on the left”

Him: “*sigh*  What’s the house number?”


Me: “They’re in a yellow bag on the shelf”

Him: “*sigh* Which shelf and what does the bag look like?”

Yeah, as you can tell, I forget about his color blindness… a lot.

It’s easy to forget something we never really think about.  Do you ever really consider what color the building you just passed is?  Or what color the crayon is that you just handed your kid?   Yeah.  Imagine not being able to teach your child their colors because you can’t see them.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

It’s at weird times, though, when I’m reminded of this fact.  Last night Bil was playing the new ‘Scene It’ game he just got for the Xbox.  Part of the game, they’ll show a movie clip and then ask questions about it.  He had to ask for my help after many of the questions were the “what color was the….” variety.  So I’d sit and watch the clip and describe all the colors to him “The actress is wearing a pink shirt and blue pants.  Her scarf is blue too. ”

Think about that.  What comes to mind when I say ‘pink’ and ‘blue’?  What if all it conjured were different hues of nothingness?

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

This lack of color can make for some pretty funny situations sometimes.  Take for example this conversation Bil and I had when V was younger:

Bil: “Jenn, come quick. V’s cut herself on something.”

Me: “What? Cut her self on what?”

Bil: “I don’t know but she’s got a smear of blood on her cheek and some on her hand”

Me (after looking at V): *snicker* “ummmm…hon…that’s not blood… It’s chocolate. “*

It’s easy to take things in life for granted.  Seeing colors… seeing at all.  But maybe it’s time we stopped and appreciated things now and then.

*In old black-and-white movies they used to use chocolate syrup as blood, because when converted to gray, it has a similar hue to red and a similar consistency to blood.  ~ Useless fact courtesy of my husband.

Follow Friday – Super Support Edition

And I don’t mean like a good bra (although that is worth it’s weight in gold)

I’m so lucky to have a great group of people I chat with on twitter and through blogs.   September was a rough month at our house because of sleep issues and sensory problems rearing their ugly head.  These ladies have given me so much advice and support.  Everyone should be so lucky to have people like them to turn to.

  • PsychMamma is teh awesome in my books.  I love this lady.  She has been a wealth of information and support for me this month.  She’s amazingly insightful and perceptive.
  • irishsamom is the sweetest, kindest person.  She’s always there with quick word or thought to put a smile on my face.  And the fact that her dog is just as bad as mine cheers me immensely some days.
  • heathersebi98 is a pillar of strength.  She is an inspiration and one of the first people I think to turn to with questions as she’s ‘been there, done that’.  Oh, and it’s her Birthday today!  So go send her some happy wishes and read why today is extra special for her.
  • mom2nji is having quite the month herself.  Their latest trial is a house full of swine flu.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  And yet she still finds the time to answer questions and offer support.  Amazing.

Don’t forget to head over to Ali’s blog, My Life With Them, and check out the other Follow Friday’s.  And make sure to add your Follow Friday post to her link so other people can find you!

The Voice of Unpopular Opinion

I am the voice of unpopular opinion lately.  I don’t do it to be difficult.  I just genuinely have a different view of the world.

Whoopi’s ‘rape-rape’ comment has brought out strong reactions in people.  I get that.  It’s an emotional topic.  I stand by my opinion that she was merely clarifying the charge and the fact that Roman Polanski was convicted of “unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor” and not “statutory rape”.  I don’t think she was defending him or saying he shouldn’t be charged.  And please don’t leave me comments that ‘rape is rape’.  Trust me I’m clear on that.  If you’re angry about the distinction between the two charges then talk to your government and find out what you need to do to change the laws so that any sort of rape is prosecuted as such rather than being bargained down to lesser charges.

And quite frankly, even if you do believe Whoopi was defending RP, she is one woman with one opinion.  I don’t base my entire belief system on what one person says.  And I’m also not going to start a hate campaign every time I disagree with someones opinion.

I will not be sharing my survivor story.  When I say it doesn’t define my life, I mean it.  I have dealt with those demons long ago and they have no place in my current life.  Suffice to say I am a survivor, so please do leave me comments saying “you don’t understand what it’s like”.  I do.  And I was only 8 the first time something happened, so I get it in spades.  Details are irrelevant.  I Do NOT Let Them Define Me.  Period.  (and this will be the first time that Bil, who has known me for 13yrs,  will be hearing anything about this – that is the extent to which I don’t let it rule my life – so I’m sorry you’re reading about this here honey.  We can talk about it when you get home if you feel it’s necessary)

There’s also the Nestle drama going on.  I will not be joining the boycott.  If you feel it’s necessary, then, by all means, have at it.  But then I would encourage you to look at the practices of every corporation from which you purchase from, rather than picking one that just happens to be in the spotlight.   I’m not defending Nestle or their practices.  The fact is, their soy formula is the ONLY milk product V can take right now.  (Yes, my daughter is 2 and a half and still on formula.  Yes we are working with doctors, allergists, and nutritionists.  That is a topic for a whole other post).  I’m not going to jeopardize my daughter’s health for some corporate brouhaha.

Companies engage in all sort of … interesting… practices no matter what their area of business.  If you think otherwise, you’re fooling yourself.  I was on a project once, back in my corporate days, where we had strict instructions not to discuss the project in emails, notes were to be destroyed as soon as possible, and we were not allowed to discuss it using cell phones.  That is corporate America.  It happens in the most benign of companies.  THAT is reality.

My other big beef with all of this is – before you go trying to solve all the problems of the third world countries, why don’t you start in your own backyard?  You think that children aren’t dying of starvation in North America?  Wake up.  Need some proof?  Go take a look at these photo’s by Rafal Wegiel of children waiting, bundled up, in a snow storm, just to get some food.  Homelessness has taken on epic proportions with the downturn in the market.  Why is it easier to help some faceless child in Ethiopia then your own neighbor?  Bil and I refuse to sign up for any of those ‘sponsor a child’ organizations.  Instead, all the money we would put towards that, we put towards donations to our local food banks and shelters and to supporting our neighbors and friends when they need help.

Lets start solving our own problems, our own issues, dealing with our own demons, before we start worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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