Paging Dr. Twitter

Shot Paging Dr. TwitterPeople who don’t use Twitter don’t get Twitter.

It’s a powerful beast.

And I’m not even talking from the ‘social media’ perspective.

I’m talking from the perspective of a mother.

The day Vista managed to get a huge sliver in her finger that I couldn’t get out , I mentioned it on twitter and immediately had a dozen suggestions on different tricks that might make it easier to remove.  And it worked.  Sliver removed without crying and fuss.

The day we took V to the hospital for yet another round of gastro issues, I twittered it.  I was overwhelmed with support from mom’s who had been there with their kids.  Who walked me through different meds.  Who twittered me about different procedures the docs might suggest and what they all meant.  The pros and cons of each.  They offered phone numbers and then sat there on the phone offering support while we waited to be seen in the ER.  And most people just offered support, good thoughts, prayers.  All of which meant so much.

On Monday night of this week when I mentioned V had spiked a sudden fever and a cough, Dr. Twitter pronounced it Swine Flu and advised me to get some Tamiflu for her.  I should know better than to doubt the all powerful Dr. Twitter.  I put it off til she got worse on Wednesday.  Took her into the local ER and walked out with our Tamiflu prescription.

Then yesterday afternoon, I mentioned on twitter the wheezing when she was breathing and the barking sound she was making when she cried.  Several experienced mom’s popped up to tell me Vista had croup and I should take her in.  I brushed it off, attributing the symptoms to the flu (yes, silly me…. I’m a slow learner).

Later that night, after V decided to drop a soup can on her big toe (why yes, it’s been the week from hell.  Thank you for asking), the first place I went was twitter.  I was informed by the Mom’s Who Have Been There Done That that the toe would need to be x-rayed and then the nail would probably need to be punctured and drained.  Guess who was right again?

We bundled up Vista, took her into the ER.  The nurses took one look at her and said “She has croup”.  We explained that we weren’t actually here about that.  That we figured it was probably the flu and we were actually here to have her toe looked at.  After they picked their jaws up off the floor we were informed it was lucky we brought her in because of her toe.  The wheezing (stridor) we were hearing when she was at rest was NOT a good sign in terms of croup.  The doctor refused to do anything about the toe until the croup had been looked after for fear of getting her upset and sending her into respiratory distress.  So she was plied with steroids and popsicles to take care of the croup.  Later, as per the Twitter consensus, her toe was x-rayed (verdict was no visible break) and after a quick puncture of the nail we were on our way home.

Time and time again, my friends on twitter have been there for me.  With advice, recommendations, personal experience, and support.   I have learned that doctors give you REALLY funny looks when you say “My twitter peeps think this is the issue”, especially when it turns out they’re right on the money.  But I have learned to turn to these people first.  They are my rocks.  My support.  They are what keeps me going when I just want to sit down and give up.

So, to     

To all those amazing people who are constantly there for me, there’s only one thing I can say.

Thank you.

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29 Responses to Paging Dr. Twitter

  • Kel says:

    All hail the power of the tweet. I hope your little one is well again soon :)
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..BFL picks w9 =-.

    Jenn Reply:

    Thanks Kel. She’s definitely doing better today. Not nearly as croupy which is a relief

  • It is so true! I use Twitter for everything including news updates, but I must say the emotional support is the best thing about it all.

    Little Miss V – that’s enough. Give your Mama a break now. Time to get back to your sassy, cutie-patootie self.
    .-= Sarah (@scunning)´s last blog ..Pieces =-.

    Jenn Reply:

    Hah! Yes, it’s pretty bad when Twitter is better at breaking developing news stories than the newswires. I don’t even bother with CNN anymore. I just check my twitter stream.

    Sara @heartmychloe Reply:

    ditto what sarah said.


    loves you mami

  • libertygirle says:

    Awww Jenn, I’m so glad to be able to offer you some support any time you need it. What a wonderful opportunity Twitter has given me to find such great friends so far away, like yourself. My Twitter world wouldn’t be as fun, supportive and hilarious without you in it. xoxo

    Jenn Reply:

    Awwwww… Thanks hon. That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m definitely glad I have you in my twitter world.

  • becca says:

    It’s amazing what this twitterverse can offer! Between friendships and medical advice… why have IRL friends, right? I hope next week is better and that V is on the mend.
    xx Lukahsmom

    Jenn Reply:

    The nice thing too, is that our twitter friends are much more available. You know when you tweet something that someone out there will know something about it. Save calling person after person and getting sucked into hour long conversations ;-)

  • becky says:

    we love you. and you’re awesome. that’s all there is to it.
    .-= becky´s last blog ..An award and blog work =-.

    Jenn Reply:

    Dude. YOU are teh awesome

  • Heather says:

    Ya know…we’re always here for you, just like you’re there for us.It’s a win-win really!
    Glad things are looking up…xoxoxo to you all! (and maybe an extra one for Vista from Jack…)
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..I’m Almost Like Oprah—only Not. =-.

    Jenn Reply:

    Awwww… she’ll like that. She loves the boys.

    It really is a win-win. And I can’t tell you how thankful I’ve been for all your advice and support lately. (hugs)

  • Vixen says:

    Glad to be of help. I feel the same way. I just know that someday I will have a “Twitter saved my life” post. Just my gut feeling. You tweep peeps rock my world.
    .-= Vixen´s last blog ..Going Old School On You, Bringing Out A T13 =-.

    Jenn Reply:

    I’m sure my post will be a “Twitter saved my sanity” lol

  • drlori71 says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this post. Sometimes I wonder if I should give advice on Twitter because I don’t want people to think I’m some know-it-all doctor (I’m not – no doctor knows it all). I’m so glad you went to the ER and they were able to help V. I hope she feels better soon.

    Jenn Reply:

    YES! Give your advice!!! I would never think of you coming off as a know-it-all ever. I love it when you jump in with your opinions or perspectives. It’s always very helpful.

  • Lu says:

    Just glad V is on the mend. Mason had croup super bad one time, but not with the flu or a toe injury! I hope you all get some rest and V gets well this weekend. HUGS
    .-= Lu´s last blog ..Not really wordless but it has a lot of pictures. =-.

  • Lisa says:

    Twitter is pretty powerful. It is amazing how often people are right. But hands down it is the support that is the best.

    So glad the toe was ok and the puncture/draining worked. I hope V continues to be on the mend and is all better soon.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Party Preparations =-.

  • Cara says:

    Jenn…you get as good as you give. I love knowing that I can count on you. Hugs to you & Lady V…I hope she gets better over the weekend.

  • Issa says:

    I find it so comforting to ask all of you for help when the kids are sick. Especially the baby, since it’s been a while since I had a kid his age. “They” may never get it, but we do and that’s what matters.

    I hope you all have a MUCH better week, this coming up week.
    .-= Issa´s last blog ..Things that have made me cry today =-.

  • Colleen says:

    I <3 you! You're awesome.
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Workplace Griping =-.

  • Sending *muahs* to you and V today and everyday.

  • Kate says:

    I am so so sorry I wasn’t able to be there for you, Jenn. I’m sending healthy thoughts and much love your way.

  • you and your family are so loved by so many.

  • avasmommy says:

    We’re just doing for you what you do for all of us. We love you.

    As for Miss Vista, she is a remarkable young lady to have suffered with so much all at once and be such a good sport about it all. She’s an amazing little girl. I hope she’s healthy and rambunctious again soon.
    .-= avasmommy´s last blog ..Seventeen Months: Lessons I Learned From Madeline & Heather =-.

  • Laura M says:

    Hey there my dear. I so understand, and I am so missing twitter, and all my best mamas out there. You are one of the bestest, and I hope you and V are feeling better ASAP!!! Hugs to you.
    .-= Laura M´s last blog ..Mememe =-.

  • Ange says:

    Two words: mad love. :)

  • DeniseEPL says:

    I love tweeps! I am glad my chiming in wasn’t annoying! I personally can’t imagine not having the support of people on twitter, it makes my days so much better. Smiles, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.
    .-= DeniseEPL´s last blog ..Great Interview Experiment, Meet Motherhood in NYC! =-.

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