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Bil and I found ourselves in an unusual position this afternoon.

Vista went down for a nap and so that meant Mommy and Daddy had free time.  *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

So we did what any couple who never gets one-on-one time would do….

We sat our asses on the couch and turned on the TV.

Oh yeah.

Sunday afternoon boob tube.

It’s been years since we got to do this.  I had forgotten exactly what it was like.

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Image by hto2008 via Flickr

Completely crap shows with even worse commercials.

Like that Dollars 4 Gold one.

Pure awesomesauce.

Let me give you a brief run down of it…

Two women talking about the gorgeous (if you’re a suburban hooker) new pair of shoes one of them got after getting money from sending all her old gold jewelry to this place.

I try to control my eye rolling as I wonder if people actually send stuff to this company.  I guess there’s always a sucker somewhere.

Finally our regularly scheduled program resumes before I’m forced to jab an ice pick into my brain.  *everyone breath a sigh of relief with me*

And we’re watching…Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

What can I say?  We’re high class reality whores, all the way.

I half zone out (come on… it doesn’t take all your brain cells to watch a show like that) until his partner Shannon “I would totally hit that” Tweed refers to Gene as her ‘boyfriend’.

Bil looks at me.  “She calls him her boyfriend.”

I give him the eye.

“Fine.  Give me your wedding band.  I’m sending it in so I can buy a new pair of shoes and then I’ll call you my boyfriend”

“Uh… no that’s OK”

“Yeah, I didn’t think so”

So, now I need a new pair of shoes AND a boyfriend.

 Send Me Your Gold
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