The Lowest Priority

Raise your hand if 99% of the doctors appointment you’ve been to since having kids have been for them.

I’m totally guilty of this. I spend at least a portion of each week running to this appointment or that therapy session for Vista. And I would never, ever, ever forget her nightly meds.

But when it comes to doctors appointments for myself, or even remember to take my daily dose of happy, it sort of falls into the ‘I’ll get to that eventually pile’.

I’ve had a doctors visit on my to-do list for the past two-and-a-half years. It just hasn’t been that big a priority. It’s not like I was dying or anything. I simply am getting headaches and migraines more often. It’s been like that since I first got pregnant with Vista. But, in the grand scheme of things, it just wasn’t life altering enough to actually bother with the hassle of organizing a visit to the doctor for myself.

The past few month have been worse, so I finally got my act together and made an appointment.

Sitting in the office today, I felt sort of silly whining about headaches. I mean, really? But he nodded, raised an eyebrow when I mentioned how persistent they were and the occasional dizzy spell. He whipped out the handy-dandy blood pressure cuff and took a reading, and then a second one…. and a third one to confirm the first two. 150 over 90. That? Is not good. And that would probably explain the headaches.

I used to have perfect 120/80 pressure. But once I got pregnant with Vista, my blood pressure started creeping up. The day I finally went into labor it hit 160/115.

But after I had her, I got busy with new baby stuff. And there just didn’t seem to be time for anything else.

I’m realizing now I should have made the time. And I know most parents are guilty of that. We neglect ourselves in favor of our children.

So, I walked out of the doctors today with a prescription for blood pressure meds, two prescriptions for migraine meds, and a lab requisition form with almost every other box checked off. Evidently my doctor thinks draining every last drop of blood from my body will somehow help things.

But I will give him points for being thorough. He wants to make sure there’s nothing else I’ve neglected. So I’m getting the full panel – Electrolytes, glucose, cholesterol, vitamin B12, vitamin D, thyroid, protein, and a bunch of others I have no idea what they are for. Oh, and a bonus ECG, just for the fun of it.

I think we need to remind ourselves every once in a while that our own health is just as important as our kids. It doesn’t help them if we leave things too long and end up sick ourselves. So the next time you think ‘Oh…I’ll get to it…eventually…”, just go do it. That’s the voice of personal experience speaking.

 The Lowest Priority
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17 Responses to The Lowest Priority

  • Kristen says:

    I had a doctor’s appointment for depression and she requested a bunch of blood work. Probably because I was actually there and she could. Because you’re right, after having a kid everything else comes first. I’m glad you went. Hopefully the BP meds will help your heartaches, and if not the painkillers will. And I hope your blood work comes out fine *hugs*
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Coconut cupcakes with coconut buttercream =-.

  • Heather says:

    So, what happens if you’re a nurse and you’re afraid to go to the doctor? (Just kidding).

    I’m proud of you…you’re acting all grown up and stuff. Lordy, what is the world coming to? ;)

    Take your meds too, K? Big hugs…and don’t worry me any more. I was sure you were going to tell me something really bad. Don’t mess with your BP. I don’t think my heart can handle more.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Hope at Target =-.

  • Lisa says:

    Yep, totally guilty of neglecting myself now that I’m a mom. I’ve had a doctor’s appt on my list for a couple of years too. I need to get my checked out, get all my levels check, etc. This, may just be the motivation I need to get my butt in there.

    Hope all turns out great with the blood draws and other tests and that the meds give you some relief from those headaches.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Breastfeeding Challenges: Nipple Confusion =-.

  • jenn says:

    I absolutely know what you are saying! my doctors appointments are absolute last priority!! sorry your on meds! but so very glad you went and he discovered that! it could have ended badly which is so dang scary!
    .-= jenn´s last blog ..I’m Broken- Part 1 =-.

  • avasmommy says:

    I’m very guilty of this. I’m trying to get better about it, because yeah, it doesn’t help her if I drop dead.
    .-= avasmommy´s last blog ..Why My Future Grandchild has a Yellow Lump on Her Head =-.

  • me. hate. doctor.

    you go.

    .-= Sara @TomTheGirl´s last blog ..The best sound in the world (6 mos) =-.

  • Mandi Bone says:

    I know what you mean except that I have a heart problem and really should be doing what I am supposed to be doing. Take care of yourself. Vista needs you.
    .-= Mandi Bone´s last blog ..Twitter is NOT real. =-.

  • Becky says:

    so so true. i rarely go to the doc for myself. and when i do my BP always sucks too. it’s borderline so i’ve not been given meds or anything but ughhh. we need to care more huh?
    .-= Becky ´s last blog ..Wordless Monday =-.

  • MommyGeek says:

    Jeez woman! Glad you finally got to the doctor honey. We all need to learn to take better care of ourselves…. In fact, I should *probably* call my doctor today.
    .-= MommyGeek´s last blog ..Somebody Save Me from My Kid’s Zhu-Zhu Pet =-.

  • Amanda says:

    Fill that script missy! (Said in a southern sugary voice of which I do not have)…
    Seriously, do because I want to meet you someday and let Anna Grace & Vista play.

    I’m glad you went and I’m glad that the doctor is doing the shebang on you!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Because Clearly I Am Losing My Mind =-.

  • Ashlee says:

    I’ve been better in the past year than I was in the last almost 6 of being a Mommy. I found out I have migraines and need a hysterectomy. I kinda wish I hadn’t gone. Joking! I agree with you. We need to not neglect ourselves so we’re in top shape to take care of our little ones. I hope the meds help with your headache and I hope the bloodwork comes back great! We need you and your beautiful ass around for many many years to come!!!

  • This post is so true.

    Last year my husband was having problems with his blood pressure. We wanted to avoid meds for a lot of reasons. We actually went to a cardiologist for his appointment. A friend of mine is a Dietitian and he recommended the DASH diet. We asked the dr. about it and told us that many people fail at it but that it has shown to reduce blood pressure significantly. My husbands was far worse than yours. My husband did the DASH diet (I blogged about it), which can be found online for free – I Can get you links if you want, and his blood pressure went back into the normal range. We monitored it at home during the diet until we returned to the dr. – where he was given a clean bill of health. It worked, and we swear by it, its just a huge commitment to follow it but would probably be easier with just the three of you versus all of us!
    .-= Kim @ Beautiful Wreck´s last blog ..Friday Fill-Ins: Saturday Can’t Get Here Quick Enough =-.

  • Lu says:

    Well we all know, I have gone to my fair share of Dr. appointments lately…BUT before then I was right there with you. I eventually got SO run down after having Mason, I was sick constantly and had to have my tonsils out. NOT FUN at 26. AT all.
    Anyway, I am glad you got some meds. I am a veteran in the migraine field so if you have any questions about your meds or you just wantt o talk to me because I am awesome, let me know. xoxo
    .-= Lu´s last blog ..More on Lu, you know, the fat girl… =-.

  • Colleen says:

    So glad you made the appt to go in. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do that too.

    Also? If you don’t get the blood pressure under control I might just need to come up there and kick your behind a little.

    <3 you.

  • Carrie says:

    My husband recently went to the doctor and found out he had super high blood pressure (150/100) The doctor wanted to prescribe meds but he didn’t think he wanted to get onto a pill regimne that would last the remainder of his life (he’s oly 36) So instead he started exercising and cutting salt out of his diet. His blood pressure is now pretty much back to normal after about 2 months of this. Oh, and it didn’t help he was also taking some medicine for nasel congestion that was has a side effect of raising blood pressure.

    Now, since you’ve had a kid I imagine life is probably a bit crazy, esp since Vista has health issues. BUT I hope this is a wake-up call that Mommy needs some TLC too. It may be that some simple diet and exercise will dramatically help lower that blood pressure without pills.

    Good luck! Hope you’re feeling better soon and that the tests all come back clear.

  • glad to hear that you are taking care of you. it’s not the easiest thing to do, for any of us, but so very necessary in order for us to take care of our kids the best way we know how.

    you deserve to feel your very best.

    .-= nic @mybottlesup´s last blog invitation for taye diggs… sort of… =-.

  • It seems we are all guilty of this – I can’t remember the last time I went to an appointment for me. I’m glad you finally went – having headaches/migraines are the worst, and no ones wants to be miserable on a daily basis (except my in-laws….AHAHA).

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