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I’m not one of those people who can say I blog just to write.  While that’s part of it, I enjoy the comments that people leave and the conversations they provoke.  I don’t think everyone to comments needs to support or agree with me.  In fact, opposing views prompt some great reflection on everyones part.

So this weeks Follow Friday is a quick thank you to some of my earliest commenters.  People who have been here with me since this was a baby fledgling blog.

  • Lisa from Lets Talk Babies was one of my first commenters that I didn’t know (always a big deal when you’re starting your blog). Now I chat with her on a regular basis on Twitter. She’s wonderfully supportive and she has an amazingly resourceful blog of her own.
  • Ladybugsgrama is, and always has been, one of my favorite follows.  Awesomely irreverent, fellow Celtic Crossing lover, and amazing apron maker, I adore this woman.

One more special shout out to TheMaggers on her birthday,  today (go wish her a Happy Birthday and bake her a cake, mmmkai?)

Who is your commenter love?

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