Follow Friday – Sending Love

It seems like a lot of people are struggling with blogging this year.  A lot of people are closing up shop, taking a breather and trying to pull their lives back together.

There are people who have stuck around though, and could sure use a good thought or a virtual hug:

  • butwhymommy – They’ve been trying to bring their son, Lion, home from Africa. It’s been an uphill battle. They thought the adoption was finally a done deal, and they were preparing to travel to go get him, when a call yesterday halted everything. Someone, somewhere lost some document and now they’re refusing to issue Lion a birth certificate. I’m hoping they get this sorted soon, so they Renee can finally bring her baby boy home.
  • irishsamom – Her family all lives in South Africa and she just got a call.  Her father has cancer and it’s spread.  I wish I had the money to send her over there to be there with her dad and support her mom.
  • GaribaySoup - has just started the process to have her son diagnosed with autism.  That is a hard road to walk and a difficult decision to go through all that.  But hopefully this will help them get the support they need.

So, head over and send these ladies a hug or three.

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