I’m Not Here. It’s Figment Of Your Imagination

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I’m over at Nic’s blog today, talking about the current feel of the blogosphere and explaining why she’s decided to take a break from it all.

You can head over there to see what mildly profound things I had to say.  Or not.

 Im Not Here.  Its Figment Of Your Imagination
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7 Responses to I’m Not Here. It’s Figment Of Your Imagination

  • Heather says:

    You know what…some days I get really pissed. I have busted my ass to be a good “friend” to a ton of people. I actually check out everyone’s blog, etc…when they friend me on twitter. I actually CARE. And sometimes that hurts…because I feel like no one cares about me in return. They are just out to promote themselves and their blog and want to be popular…not form relationships. And there’s totally a clique and I hate that. I have no desire to be the bestest blogger ever…I just want to have someone to care when I need extra love and help.

    And that’s how I feel about that. Dammit! ;)

    Jenn Reply:


    I think it’s that exact feeling that’s wearing people down and causing them to shut their blogs. People just can’t handle the drama of that anymore.

    There are absolutely cliques. And I will admit to being totally guilty of that (but hate to break it to you – you’re in my clique). But I think that comes along with finding your tribe.

    But it’s the constant promotion and drive to turn the blog into an industry that I get tired of. I write here because I want to, not because I’m trying to make a million dollars.

    And by the way, I do care about you and your blog and your family. I want to know how things are going good and bad. And I’ll always be there with a hug or a positive word.

  • Sunday says:

    I understand all too well the struggles with blog trolls and anonymous blasters who think its okay to sling hate left and right. What is worse is when it comes from another blogger who knows better. Then its just mean. And soooo very high school.

    I hope Nic gets the much needed respite she needs and can come back feeling refreshed and renewed.
    .-= Sunday´s last blog ..The TEAM WHYMOMMY Science Fair! =-.

  • felicia says:

    I totally feel and hear you Heather! I so wanted to get in on the love! 8 try to engage and offer support when I see that it is needed. But mostly feel ignored. I totally get it.

  • toywithme says:

    Sorry to see the comments where closed at Nic’s but I understand. Please let her know she will be truly missed and I hope she continues to tweet for fun. You’re a good friend Jenn, thanks for letting us know. *hugs* to you both.
    .-= toywithme´s last blog ..Win Your Very Own LELO LILY! =-.

  • Wow Jenn. I will miss Nic. I love to talk to her on Twitter. I am sad that there is this kind of an atmosphere in the blogger world. It was new to me about six months back, being newish and defintely unknown, lol, but I don’t care about that anyway. And you’re so right, I think you do find your tribe – people that you know are genuine and truly care and it makes sense to mainly chat with them. I can’t keep up with my followers, whose following me and don’t even know how many do or don’t. All I know, is that during an incredibly challenging time in my life, there are some very genuine people out there that I really would like to meet in real life someday. That’s saying something for someone who is generally cautious. There’s a freedom for me on Twitter in that no-one I “know” in real life is on there (oops at least that’s what I think) and I can vent in a fairly safe way and it’s therapeutic. When someone comments or responds or reads my posts, that’s just the cherry on the top.

    That said, I completely understand Nic’s reasons and hope it gives her time to heal and come back renewed if she decides to. I’ve never had trolls or anyone saying anything bad to me and I know that if I did, or if I felt it might affect my children, I might step out too.

    In the meanwhile, thanks for the post and when you talk to Nic tell her we miss her and wish her well during her hiatus m’kay??

    Tricia : )
    .-= Tricia (irishsamom)´s last blog ..Singleness of Purpose =-.

  • *enter ghostly haunting noises*

    ok, i had to say SOMETHING… i’m not dead. heck, i obviously haven’t thrown my laptop in the garbage (i’d give it away first).

    just wanted to thank you guys for your encouragement and sweet words. things are exactly how jenn explained them on my blog.

    i simply need some fresh air and distance. it’s good timing at the moment, and yes, i will be back in due time.

    i’m around here and there… :)

    no worries please, and lots of love to you all. obviously, like jenn mentioned in her post, i’m not the only one feeling this, so the sense of community is still very present and that is encouraging to me.

    ok, that’s all. now i’m going to go puddle jumping with jackson.
    .-= nic @mybottlesup´s last blog ..Changes =-.

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