How To Argue With Yourself

There are times when watching your kids is waaaaay funnier than any sitcom on the television.

Vista is a constant source of hilarity in our lives (when she’s not acting like demon hell spawn, of course).

We had a good laugh the other night after Bil introduced her to an iPad game that has a cat that you can interact with.  The best part is, it picks up your voice on the microphone, runs it through a filter, and then plays back whatever you say in this squeeky cat voice.  So to a 3yr old it’s like the cat is talking to you, which V was immediately fascinated with.

Until… she said my name.  Which of course the cat repeated.  And then the argument started.  But basically, she was arguing with herself, because all this stupid cat is doing is repeating what she says.  And, OMG, we just about died laughing.

Really, there’s no better way to explain this than to show you

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