Telemarketers of Twitter

I love being on Twitter.  It’s a huge community of friends who I can rely on to alternately pick me up or kick me in the ass, when ever I need it.

But even the best things have their downside.

With Twitter it’s the auto-DM’s and spam.  And to be clear, I consider auto-DM’s to be spam.

Sending someone you’ve just started following an auto-DM is like walking up to a complete stranger in the mall, handing them your business card without saying a word, and walking away.

Do you really think that person is going to even look at that business card?

Or would it go straight into the trash, along with their opinion of you?

If you want to sell to me, interact with me.  Make me care about what you have to offer.

Because, lets face it.  Any auto-DM, no matter how innocuous it may be, is trying to promote your product, store, blog, or person, to someone you have no prior relationship with.

People who auto-DM are the telemarketers of the Twitter world.

And I’m definitely not buying whatever it is you’re selling.

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8 Responses to Telemarketers of Twitter

  • Ashlee says:

    So damn true! I’m glad I’m too dumb to know how to send auto DMs……not that I would.

  • Dana says:

    Let me play devil’s advocate here …

    Just as twitter is a “community of friends” to you, it is a marketing tool for others. I am not a fan of auto DM’s, nor the twitter bots that magically appear in your time line, trying to sell you herbal vitamins, after you’ve mentioned giving your kid their daily GummyVit.

    But … I’m willing to overlook the pebble in my shoe for that much larger, and much more important, community of friends. Twitter isn’t the same vehicle for all of us.

    Jenn Reply:


    I didn’t say people shouldn’t use Twitter as a marketing tool. I think it can be a great and powerful tool for that. And I regularly purchase things from my followers.

    The key is, I buy from people I have built a relationship with. Successful sales are based on having an ongoing relationship with your customer base.

    Just like I don’t appreciate telemarketers or people cold calling me at home (even if they are ‘just doing their job’), I don’t like it in Twitter either.

    I think there are good ways and bad ways to market your product on Twitter. For me, auto-DMs is one of the worst ways.

  • Chibi Jeebs says:

    “If you want to sell to me, interact with me.”

    This works for people, too: if you follow me and I follow back, only to have you NEV.ER. interact with me at all (even when I @ you first), I will unfollow. What’s the point? Twitter is about the interaction for me, pure and simple. If you’re not going to interact with me, I’ll spend my time on people who will.

  • punkinmama says:

    Couldn’t agree more. So annoying. I just don’t “get” it. Why are people still doing that?

    But hey, some people still have music autoplay on their blogs, so I guess there are those who don’t know any better than to be annoying.

  • Melissa Palmer says:

    You lost me at “twitter”! LOL!

  • Mandi Bone says:

    I rarely get Dms at all. But I do get a shit ton of people trying to get me to love Jesus. What about my Blog this motherfucker profile says I love Jesus?
    I used to be a telemarketer in college.

  • Shit yeah!

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