Plug It In

Last night we were comparing ‘ZOMG it COLD’ stories on twitter (and possibly cursing everyone in the south) when I tweeted this:

plugitin Plug It In

And most of the responses I got (from my southern followers) was “Hahahaha…wait…What?  You don’t really plug in your truck, right?  You’re just kidding…right?”

On the other hand, I can guarantee you that my followers in Western Canada were merely nodding their head and making a mental note to go plug their own cars in.

So, to all of you who live a nice warm life, I present:  Yes, We Really Do Plug In Our Vehicles In The Winter

If you’re wondering why I sound like I’m talking like like Captain Kirk, with the pauses, it’s not because I’m out of breath or trying to talk funny.  It’s because it’s that cold out.  And when you breath in -40 cold air it tends to freeze your lungs and it makes it hard to breath and talk. No, not even joking.  Your nostrils also have a tendency to freeze shut at these temperatures.  Fun times.

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18 Responses to Plug It In

  • uthostage says:

    HOLY SHIT JENN! That’s crazy cold!

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  • Mandi Bone says:

    That is crazy!

  • It’s like you live on another planet. It’s 83 here today. 40 degrees sounds like hell to me. -40 isn’t even within my realm of comprehension. So do the cars up there come with those plug in thingies?

    Jenn Reply:

    @Jenni Williams,

    I can’t speak for other provinces, but in ours, all the vehicles come standard with block heaters. I’ve never owned a car / truck / SUV without one. I have, though, forgot to plug my truck in and had the cold completely kill my truck battery. Not once, but twice (slow learner)

  • Crabby Mommy says:

    Call me Mega Wuss all you want, but that right there is why I live in California. I’m klutzy enough, I don’t need to live in the Land of Snow and Ice.

  • Melissa Palmer says:

    LOL! I have never managed to locate a block heater in my car, although I am told it should be there. The car has started through this cold snap – but groans like a woman giving birth before it starts.

    Calgary airport was the second coldest place in the world this morning. Yeah for us!

    Jenn Reply:

    @Melissa Palmer,

    Are you serious? LOL!! Next time you come over, I’ll help you find it.

    And I knew it was cold out, but second coldest place in the world? DAAAAMN.

  • Carrie says:

    It has been cold in Vancouver but thank god not THAT cold!! I could not imagine having to plug in my vehicle

  • Michelle P. says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! I made Dave go out at 11pm and plug mine in so I could get to work in the morn.

    Do you remember when you were little and it would get so cold that your eyelashes would freeze to your scarf (covering your mouth and nose)? Or that it actually hurts when you breath in air that’s less then -30C?

    Jenn Reply:

    @Michelle P.,

    HAHAHAHA!!! You’re way smarter than I am, making the hubby do it for you.

    Yes! Eyelashes, and then that crust that would form on the scarf as you would breathe through it. Ugh.
    I also hate that anything less than -20 is just asking for an asthma attack.
    Why don’t we live somewhere warmer, again?

  • AmazingGreis says:

    Don’t shoot me, but it’s 82ish here today and should be the same for Thanksgiving. But our “cold front” arrives Thursday evening/Friday morning and it’ll be in the high 30’s low 40’s. You know, it’ll get cold just in time for my early morning Black Friday shopping spree!

    AmazingGreis Reply:

    @AmazingGreis, and PS – I had no idea that cars/trucks really could be plugged in. LOL

  • mel says:

    First of all, I am in LOVE with your accent. Second, move down here. That is crazy.

  • Oh

    You just became way cooler (pun totally intended) to me. You’re like some super, ice woman, living on another planet.

  • Dre says:

    Holy fucking shit, Jenn.

    It was 40 degrees here today and I thought my nipples were going to fall off from the cold.

    So…. if I ever DO decide to be your neighbor, I’m going to have to learn how to hibernate beacuse that is just CRAZY.

    Also, I’d have to learn how to re-grow my nipples every Spring, apparently.

  • Annie Y says:

    Ok, I’m in Wisconsin…Northeastern Wisconsin to be precise and it is current 4* F with the wind chill. Within the next 2 hours, we will have temps below zero as well and we don’t even have snow yet. It is also not that uncommon here for people to plug in their vehicles as well. I’m just thankful that my soccer mom van sits in the garage!

    Stay warm!

  • punkinmama says:

    Um, wow. So, why do you live there again? No, seriously.

    I can’t even imagine it being *that* cold. I’m currently shivering in my cubicle, because the vents are blowing cold air, but I suppose I should stop complaining! (That’s NOT going to happen though.)

    So, have you ever had jerks for neighbors who thought it would be funny to unplug your vehicles?

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