Making A Big World A Little Smaller

This morning I tweeted out the words  “I love how Twitter takes a great big world and makes it so much smaller.”

Some of you knew what I was talking about.  But for those who don’t…

Last night my BlogHer roomie, Karen (agentninenty9), lost her mom.  It was expected, as much as these things ever can be, but so much more sudden than they thought.  They were told they would have several more months with her mom, after she was diagnosed with cancer.  It turned out to be weeks.

I DM’d a few people on Twitter, who I knew talked to Karen, and started a fund so we can get her something.  Right now we’re looking at a gift basket, some flowers, and a donation to the Cancer Society in Karen’s name.

This is all going to be delivered to Karen by acraftymom‘s parents, who just happen to live in the same town as Karen and actually know her.  See what I mean by Twitter making a big world much smaller?  Amazing.

The reason for this post is I wanted to reach out to others who know Karen and might want to contribute.  I didn’t want to tweet it out, on the chance Karen saw it (which is why I’m not linking to her name or website in this post).  But I’m banking on the fact that she’s not going to be reading blogs right now.

So…  I know it’s right after Christmas and money is tight, but if you would like to and are able to contribute to this, you can click on the paypal button below (this goes to my paypal account and I will send those who donate an email with exactly what was sent to Karen, once the money is in.  Anything above and beyond the cost of a gift basket and flowers will be donated to the Cancer Society in Karen’s name).  People always ask ‘how much should I donate?’, ‘what’s everyone else donating?’.  I’ve had everything from $5 to $50.  So base it on what you personally can afford.  And if you can’t afford to contribute, that’s OK.  Send Karen a tweet of encouragement instead.  She really needs those right now.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Thanks to all.

pixel Making A Big World A Little Smaller
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6 Responses to Making A Big World A Little Smaller

  • Lu says:

    This? Is what keeps me in love with twitter. Community. I am so glad to have donated and be a part of hugging Karen from all the way down here. Thanks Jenn.
    P.S. Let’s all keep the tweets, emails, and FB comments coming. I know our support and encouragement helps a lot. xoxo

  • Meghan says:

    You’re such a good person. I’m glad you’re my friend. xo

  • ally says:

    I was so relieved to get that DM last night. I was feeling helpless and my arms empty from wanting to hug her. You helped. You’re awesome.

  • you’re awesome lady. pure awesome. thanks for making me aware last night. xo to you always.

  • Lisa says:

    It is things like this, rallying behind those who are down or in need or whatever, that makes this community so great. Karen is one of the sweetest people I’ve met and I’m holding her tightly in my heart.

    You are such a sweet and wonderful friend for putting this together. I hope it helps Karen feel our love and support.

  • Laura M says:

    You are such a fantastic woman. I so wish I could afford to donat, but i lost my mother when I was 5 to leukemia, my grandmother passed away 2yrs ago in march of cancer (we hadsam thing, she was supposed to have six months and she lasted 3 weeks) It is so nice to know that there are wonderful people ou there like you and all the people that are sending their love and hugs. I don’t know her, but I wish her the best and will be praying or her family.

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