Prized Possessions

I only own a few things I would consider my prized possessions.

The ring my mom gave me when I turned sweet sixteen.

My cameo pin left to me by my grandmother.

The grandfather clock my grandad built himself.

My Dyson vacuum.


Your vacuum isn’t one of your prized possessions?

Well then you probably don’t own beige carpets.

And four animals.

Three of which are long-haired.

And three of which are various shades of black.

So, my vacuum and I?  We have a close and intimate relationship.

Not that intimate.



Imagine my joy upon returning home Wednesday night to find out that Bil, trying to help out by vacuuming while I was in the city with Vista, had wrecked my Dyson.

Understand that I love my Dyson almost as much as my husband.  And the fact he wrecked it, right before Christmas? Well it means I might love my Dyson more than my husband, now.

I had learned once before, when my Dyson started making an awful grinding sound, that they have awesome support people that you can call that will walk you through fixing your vacuum.  So, this afternoon I called again.  After 45minutes on the phone with support, though, it was decided I couldn’t fix my Dyson.  *sob*

The nice lady I was talking to on the phone told me that I could send it in for repair.

I did a mental calculation in my head.

Number of days left til Christmas / Number of paycheques in December – Number of Christmas presents left to buy… carry the one… and that equals…

Me: “*big sigh* Any idea on how much is it going to cost to fix?”

Nice Dyson Lady: “Oh, your Dyson is still under warranty, so it won’t cost you anything.”

Me: “HOLY FUCK!  I’ve owned this thing for over two years.  You mean vacuums have warranties?!?  And it’s still good?  Like you’re really going to fix it for free?”

Nice Dyson Lady: “…ummm…yes?  We’ll send you a box so you can ship it back to us and we’ll fix it.  You’ll have it back within 7 – 10 days”

If I could have reached through the phone and kissed her, I would have.  Like seriously full on mouth slip her some tongue kissed her.  I really thought I was looking at a huge purchase of a new Dyson (which really would have been OK, considering it’s already lasted 5 times longer than any other vacuum we’ve ever owned).  But nope.  They’re going to fix it for me.  *cue choirs of angels singing*

So prized possession?  Yeah, my Dyson definitely ranks right up there.

Disclaimer:  This post isn’t sponsored or paid for.  It’s just me giving credit for good customer service.  And perhaps wondering why more companies aren’t like this.

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9 Responses to Prized Possessions

  • awww YEA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lu says:

    I feel the same way about my dyson. They are like a partner. You know I have the 2 labs so mine is like attacked to my hand daily. UGH! I think mine has a 5 year warranty. LOVE.

  • Bil Simser says:

    Hey! I didn’t “wreck” it. I just turned it on.

    punkinmama Reply:

    @Bil Simser, “That’s what she said.”

  • Melissa Palmer says:

    I remember when you bought your Dyson; Christmas time 2 years ago. There is not a vacuum in the world that even comes close, and the fact that they will fix it for free? PRICELESS!

  • Chibi Jeebs says:

    HOLY CRAP! That warranty/customer service alone is enough to sell me (and I was already 99% sold). Our vacuum is a piece of plastic garbage.

  • punkinmama says:

    Wow, I knew about them helping you fix things thru customer service, but the fact that you’ve had it over 2 years and they’re going to fix it for free? And not even charge you shipping? AMAZING. I’m seriously going to have to start saving my pennies for a Dyson…

  • Carrie says:

    when we moved into our house we debated buying a new built in or a dyson…I wish we had gone with the dyson


    glad you are getting yours fixed

  • Jodee says:

    That is so awesome that it was free… especially around Christmas! Yeah for you!!

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