Invisible Posts

I have dozens of posts in draft form right now.

Posts I start.  Posts that are meaningful.  Posts I can’t seem to finish.

I get stuck in the middle.  Mired in the mundane details.

I can’t find the end.

Funny how much our blogs reflect our lives, even when people don’t see what we write.

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18 Responses to Invisible Posts

  • this is so very true.

    I hope that all is well.


  • I have three very deep posts, finished in my drafts. I can’t hit publish. So yeah I totally get what you are saying.

  • Tyrone M. says:

    I know what that’s like. I have too many ideas that sound great in my head, but fall apart when I try to execute on them.

  • Bil Simser says:

    It’s not the same by any means in content as your blog posts are deep and insightful but the principle here is the same.

    Jenn Reply:

    @Bil Simser,

    So you’re saying my life isn’t deep and insightful? lol
    Someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight. *snort*

    Bil Simser Reply:

    @Jenn, What? No! Your life is deep and insightful.

    I’m just saying that sometimes you just gotta put it out there and get some feedback rather than trying to perfect it. And like the article says, you don’t ship crap so I wouldn’t post something that has 0-editing on it but write from your heart or your head and shout it out.

    Don’t be afraid of what you might say and once in the hands of the public, you’ll see the true reactions rather than something fabricated from a post that has gone through a thousand edits. It’s Gonzo Journalism and I think it works.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

    More wine?

    Chibi Jeebs Reply:

    @Bil Simser, I love this comment so very much. Jenn, that last post of mine that made you bash your head on the wall? Exactly this. I didn’t necessarily WANT to put it out there (scary, plus I so sorely didn’t want anyone to think I was fishing for compliments, y’know?), but I *needed* to get it out of my head. I know I could have left it in draft form, but even that’s not quite the same. The upside is that I realized I’m not the only one and I think a few people realized the same – if nothing else, at the very least you may be letting someone out there in the ether know they’re not alone.

    Sing it, sister. <3

  • it’s strange, this place of being “stuck in the middle,” like you said. i too have unpublished posts… silly posts of jackson… silly stories of me just being me… but right now (as you know) i’m stuck in a place. i’m trying to dig a pathway out.

    and yes, our blogs are such a catalyst for our lives. the posts that we share and the unpublished ones.

    love you.

  • Pocklock says:


  • Michelle says:

    should we leave invisible comments?

  • Sara says:

    oh, so true. i feel this way often. hugs!

  • becky says:

    Oh man. I could not agree more. Hit the nail on the head.

  • Kate says:

    There’s something about the winter, the cold, the snow that contributes to the “stuck”ness of it all, I think.

  • punkinmama says:

    So true. I have so many unpublished blog posts in my head. Though of course, when I go to express them, nothing comes pouring out.

    I think you should just go ahead and publish some of those posts… you might be surprised at how good they are.

  • melissa says:

    YES!! i completely can relate to this post.

  • Vixen says:

    What are you doing in MY BRAIN????

  • Loukia says:

    Very very true. And you are most certainly not alone, you know. :)

  • uthostage says:

    I know I’m late in commenting. My reader overfloweth. lol

    How is it that when we write we have such a great start, only to “get stuck in the middle”? Me no likey. *sigh*

    I have quite a few drafts myself. Some have been sitting there for nearly 2 years. Yikes! I think it might be time for a little blog spring cleaning. ;)

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