Sudafed Is My Gateway Drug

I keep coming to my blog wanting to write something.  Something cute and fluffy with cute and fluffy things in it.  Like a post about my dogs and cats and how cute and fluffy they are.  Well, make that dogs and cat.  Because the other cat may be cute and fluffy but she’s dumb as a post and I’d rather she was stuffed and sitting on my fireplace mantle, but since she’s Bil’s cat, that hasn’t happened yet.  Nor have I fed her to the local coyote pack, although I’ve been sorely tempted on more than one occasion.  But then Bil would get all whiney about how I killed his stupid cat, and blah blah blah… so, she’s still alive.  For now.

Where was I?  Oh right.  Cute and fluffy.

Yeah, not feeling so cute and fluffy. Well, maybe fluffy, but I totally blame the local bakery for that.

I’m like my own version of the seven dwarfs, lately.  Bitchy, whiney, sneezy, wannabe doc, fluffy, zombie, and doped up.

And all I really want to do is whine about how hard this parenting gig is, right now.  We’re starting to rack up frequent flyer miles at our local ER.  And you know it’s bad when the doctors look at your kids chart and start discussing your opinion on possible treatment options.  I’m still waiting for my medical degree to magically appear in the mail.

Remember how, before you ever had kids, people would tell you how hard it is?  And you’d look and them and think “ZOMG…shut up and get over it.  It’s a kid.  How hard can it be?”

Yeah.  Totally eating crow now.

The universe thinks it’s funny.  Me?  Not so much.  I find it’s sense of humor rather lacking, these days.  Along with the amout of sleep I’m getting.  Which tonight I can fully blame on the Sudafed I took before bed.  That stuff makes most people drowsy.  You know the whole ‘don’t opperate heavy machinery or you might poke someone’s eye out and then you’ll be sorry, but it won’t be our fault because we told you not to do it right here on the box’ warning?  Yeah, doesn’t apply to me.  Apparently, Sudafed jacks me right up.  Like RIGHT up.  Like holy hell I haven’t slept tonight and WEEEEEE I feel fucking awesome jacked up.  So… uh…yeah, not taking it before bed EVER again.

And I probably shouldn’t be allowed to blog while under the influence of sinus cold meds either.

I don’t see a warning for THAT on the fucking box.

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6 Responses to Sudafed Is My Gateway Drug

  • ::sigh:: yeah, this parenting gig is hard. way hard. and you deserve a break, or at least a chance to take out your frustrations on bil’s cat.

    love you.

  • Tam says:

    Sick cycles are a pain in the ass. I hope everyone gets back to the land of healthy soon.

    And hey, if you’d like a second stuffed cat for your shelf just give me a yell. Stuffed cats look better in two’s, and I happen to have a very stupid cat here just begging for a trip to your house. I’ll even pay postage. It’s an offer you can’t refuse, right?

  • Chibi Jeebs says:

    Oh, dude. That’s balls. :(

    (For me, it’s the pseudoephedrine that wires me and will keep me up ALL! NIGHT! LONG! which is the exact opposite of what you want when you’re sick. Blarg.)
    Chibi Jeebs recently posted..Whats your go-to happy songs

  • PsychMamma says:

    Ugh. Sudafed does the exact same thing to me. If I *have* to take it (or something like it) to breath at night, I take a Tylenol PM, too. Makes a world of difference. Hope you’ve gotten some sleep since this post and that you’re feeling better, too.

    And, AMEN. Parenting is the hardest gig out there.

    PsychMamma recently posted..Slice of Life

  • becky says:

    LOL sorry but I laughed at this. Sudafed makes me jacked up too! So does Advil cold and sinus! Something with that decongestant! And yep…kids ARE hard. I’ll never deny that!
    becky recently posted..Bittersweet

  • Heather says:

    WAIT? Parenting is hard?

    bwahahahahahahahahaha (as I slide out from the rock I’ve been hiding under for 3 months)
    Heather recently posted..Happy Birthday Dad…Nonday 11

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