Burning Ignorance

A few days ago, you might have seen me tweeting about the Slave Lake fire. I watched in horror as fire consumed a town, about the same size as the one I live in, in my province. And it all played out on Twitter.

I watched the scrolling updates from media and emergency services in the town, silently hoping that somehow they’d be able to contain this massive fire burning out of control.

And then I started seeing a different sort of tweet…

Watching HLN & a town that is on fire in Alberta Canada is called Slave Lake? Slave Lake! Um after they rebuild they should review the name!
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Charisse F.
Now that Slave Lake has burnt down maybe they will change that awful name. I suggest 'My Race is Equal But Not Superior to Yours Lake'
image normal Burning Ignorance
Obama Bon Jovi
That's what those people get naming their town Slave Lake It's probably where they used to drown the slaves. #JustDealWithIt
 Burning Ignorance
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There is a town on fire called "slave lake" ....hmmm karma?
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Jennifer Weaver

and of course this classic…

as a descendant of slaves my heart fills with glee at hearing a whole town named Slave Lake is burning down.
xleku normal Burning Ignorance


Yeah, that sound was my head exploding.

Seriously people?

An entire town burns to the ground and the only thing you can think of is how your great-great-great grandfather was wronged by someone, once upon a time?  Really?

Never mind the fact that Slave Lake has nothing to do with slavery.  It’s named after a northern Alberta Indian tribe: the Slavely Indians.


This sort of ignorance create a self perpetuating circle of hate.  Not to mention it does nothing for your cause.

It would be like me hating Russians because the Bolsheviks obliterated my grandfather’s family 100 years ago.   Hating someone for a decision their great-great-grandfather made.  Ridiculous, right?

Yet, that’s the social crutch these people use.

And so to them I say:

Don’t try to mask your anger and hate as political correctness.  It just further highlights your ignorance.





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16 Responses to Burning Ignorance

  • Deidra23 says:

    My brain hurts.

  • Tricia says:

    OMG. I missed all of this, but how awful for those poor people in that town.

    The comments that you showed? Just another example of the depth of ignorance and the danger of using social media for the purpose of running your mouth. GAH. What gives me hope, when I read things like this, is the fact that there are many more people out there who do care and who hopefully will show compassion when someone else needs it. *SIGH*

    I’m with you friend. We need to clean Twitter of these intolerant people. Any suggestions. ; )

    PS Miss you – rarely on Twitter these days and all I’m doing is working, we need a catch up! : )

    PrincessJenn Reply:

    Some days I really think twitter needs a mute button :D
    And I miss you too, lovely! I’m not on nearly as much these days either. Hope you’re doing well!

  • Becky says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It does go both ways and it makes me angry when people blame people who lived long ago for how they treat people now.

    PrincessJenn Reply:


    Thank you. That’s exactly what I was trying to say, but you put it so much more eloquently than I could.

  • That’s terrible. Who the hell are these people?
    Tristan Cuschieri recently posted..Don’t Trust the Internet Today

  • Missed this on Twitter. Sad to say, I’m not entirely surprised, although that doesn’t make me any happier.
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves recently posted..Premature Thought Leakage

  • Wow. Just wow. I mean I get people being upset about slavery and all but in Canada? Also yeah, do some damn research before you run your mouth. My heart hurts for the people in Slave Lake.

  • ohmygod jenn. i’ve been so oblivious these last two weeks. i’m sorry. i’m sorry for the ignorance of so many (myself included, seeing as i had no clue about this until today). the overall disregard of compassion for human beings disturbs me to my core… and frightens me.

    thank you for writing this and opening my eyes.

  • Tam says:

    Those fires are horrific. I feel for every person directly and indirectly affected. Those tweets make me sick.

  • Lisa says:

    Well said my friend. It sickens me when people start spewing hate before they have educated themselves. I didn’t hear about the fires until I got back from our trip to Sydney because we didn’t have internet at our hotel. When I read your updates on facebook I was horrified. The people of Slave Lake are in my thoughts and prayers. As are the firefighters currently fighting the other forest fires in Alberta right now. Stay safe.
    Lisa recently posted..Adventure Within An Adventure

  • Michelle says:

    My oldest and I were just talking about the name today. And I had no idea where it came from. If nothing else, you’ve educated him vicariously.

  • I saw those tweets too, and tried to correct a few until I saw how many there were. It’s unfortunate, but I’m pretty sure hardly anyone in Slave Lake was affected by such ignorance since they were busy fighting for their lives.

    But this? “An entire town burns to the ground and the only thing you can think of is how your great-great-great grandfather was wronged by someone, once upon a time? Really?”

    Yeeeaaaah. Not cool, Jenn. I’m sure I’ll probably get flamed for saying so, but there are people still alive today, loved by their families, who really experienced slavery – so please don’t reduce it to just that. It’s no better than the tweets you’re upset about.

    PrincessJenn Reply:

    @Karen Sugarpants,

    I don’t know why you’d think you would get flamed for saying that. It’s a valid point, and I stand corrected. You’re absolutely right.
    The point I was trying to make (albeit poorly) is exactly what Becky said above. People use the past as an excuse to mistreat people today.

  • kris says:

    you are right, the point was that an entire town was burned down and needs help, not that the name of the town could be seen as offensive. These people really just wanted a forum to sound witty and failed. Don’t read so much into things, People everywhere say stupid things and the internet provides a far reaching megaphone for their soapbox.

  • Al_Pal says:

    Wow. Sad. ;/

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