Oh. My. God.

Every Sunday as a kid my parents would drag my brothers and I kicking and screaming to church.  We would try all sorts of things to get out of it.  Faking sick.  Making Mom literally pull us out of our beds.  Dragging our feet getting dressed, hoping if we were slow enough that we would be too late to go.  Anything to avoid an hour of so called godliness.

It wasn’t that I found church boring.  I actually quite enjoyed the singing and stories.  Where I ran into issues was the fact I was a child who had too many questions, and couldn’t accept “because God says so” as an answer.  I quickly discovered that people didn’t like when I pointed out contradictions in the bible.  Adults don’t want their beliefs questioned by a little girl in a Sunday School dress.

The truth is, I still have no use for organized religion.  I think it works for some people… I’m just not one of them.

I’ll wait while half of you unfollow my sinning ass, now.


These days I have no problem listening to people talk about their religious convictions.  I find it often tells me a lot about the way they view the world.

I welcome respectful theological discussions.  I enjoy hearing about the latest going ons with my friends who are converting to Catholicism.

I don’t have to believe what you believe to respect that you have those beliefs.

What does make me cringe, though, are the ‘Praise the Lord!!’ type kids shows.  I’m talking squirming in my seat uncomfortable.  Like I have to leave the room uncomfortable.

I was in that position today when Vista insisted on watching “From Aardvark to Zucchini: Alphabet of Prayers” on Netflix.

She’s been on a Veggie Tale kick lately.  And those I can handle.  They’re a little more subtle in their teachings.

This show, though is a shove-it-down-your-throat-praise-Jesus-and-God-created-the-world-and-you-better-be-thankful-for-it type show.


I tried to gently suggest other shows for her.  I offered to put on a movie.  But nope, she wanted the aardvark show.

I debated refusing to put it on, but then realized if I did that I would be doing to her what my parents did to me.

By refusing to allow her to watch this, I would be forcing my own beliefs on her.

I want her to grow up learning to question rather than just accept anything she’s handed as fact.

And that means allowing her to question our beliefs and choose her own, whatever they may be.

That doesn’t mean I can’t temper what she’s learning with alternative views, though.

Now who knows if they make a kids show that teache Buddhism?


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10 Responses to Oh. My. God.

  • Amen, sistah. :-D I was just like you, when I was a kid. Drove the grownups nuts. Today, I prefer to consider myself a “traditional” Jew, as opposed to a religious one. That’s what happens when you send a kid with an inquiring mind to parochial school & simultaneously dump her into “Sunday school”, so she wouldn’t be considered “different”. I don’t think Mom’s too happy with me, right now. :-)
    Renée J. (RJ Flamingo) recently posted..Memorial Day Menu Ideas – From the Archives

  • Tam says:

    I love nothing more than sitting down and hashing out the “if” “but” and “why” of different religious convictions and beliefs. I identify as Christian (a bad one at that) but one of the best conversations i’ve had recently was with my friends who are Mormon on why they felt it made more sense for them.

    Veggie tales drive me crazy, and I am darn happy to have never heard of the aardvark thing.

    PrincessJenn Reply:


    I’ve had some interesting conversations with my friends that are Mormon. Where I tend to draw the line is when the conversation strays from theological to “join us”. I feel like looking at them and going “did you hear nothing I just said?” lol

  • PsychMamma says:

    I’m with you 100%! We don’t attend church (it’s a somewhat long story, but the short version is: some major hang ups with organized religion/dogma/rules/politics). With my dad being a minister, J still gets lots of bible centered stories, movies, etc. & exposure to Christian beliefs. J often picks out movies at our library that are Christian sponsored. Our hope is to ENCOURAGE her questions, expose her to many religions, and let her make her own, informed choices. So, if you find out about the kid’s Buddhist movies, let me know! ;-)
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  • Jackie says:

    Your view is so refreshing. As one of your friends who is converting to Catholicism I’m often met with the anti- bible thumping attitude. People thinking I have been brainwashed and it is their civic duty to unconvert me.

    I love that I can talk to you about events in my life with humor and without judgement. Good for you for making an intelligent stand about your beliefs and your daughter’s choices.

  • Michelle says:

    We take a similar viewpoint, and spend time explaining that people have different beliefs and that’s ok. We don’t have to believe the same thing and that it’s a personal decision. When asked, I simply outline what I believe, and my husband outlines believes (or lack thereof). We’ll also answer questions about differences in belief that they see in friends and family. Again outlining that it’s a personal decision and everyone has to make their own decision about what they choose to believe.

    The only area where I actively try to limit or dissuade belief is my 10 year old’s belief that the deities in the Dungeons and Dragons universe are real and working in the world.

    PrincessJenn Reply:


    OMG, your Dungeons and Dragons comment had me totally laughing out loud. That is hysterical. But wouldn’t it be fun if they were real?

    Bil Simser Reply:

    @Michelle, Wait. Deities in D&D aren’t real? Oh, you mean D&D. Obviously you’re not referring to *Advanced” Dungeons and Dragons. The ruleset changed and those my friend are totally real.

    Michelle Reply:

    @Bil, here’s my standard quote to my kids “Well, some people may believe that.” As I slowly back away…..

  • becky says:

    I actually think this makes a lot of sense.

    Then again, that’s coming from a Christian girl who goes to church so…LOL

    Did she like the show?
    becky recently posted..And so it begins…

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