A Different Reason

As I sat having coffee with my mom a while ago our conversation drifted here and there.

We talked about how things were going with Vista, my brother’s move, my father’s asshole ‘friend’ who only calls when he wants my dad’s help with something (that’s a whole other post).

She told me about the movie her and Dad had seen the other day and how her friend’s daughter was getting married and she was trying to figure out what to get her as a gift.

We talked about the episode of Piers Morgan she saw where he interviews Joel Osteen and the pastor talks about homosexuality being a sin.  “Which is silly, really, because it’s not a sin.  It’s just the way they are. People like to make the bible say whatever they want it to” explained my mom.


Wait… What?

I’m pretty sure my eyes must have popped out of my head.  You see… growing up we were raised Catholic.  And taught to believe that homosexuality was a sin.  Which is probably part of the reason my brothers and I stopped going to church.  We thought stuff like that was a load of … well, suffice to say, we didn’t agree with it.

But any time the topic came up when we were teens, my mom didn’t hold back on her opinion… opinions that fully agreed with the church.

“Ummmm… so…uh.. since when don’t you believe it’s a sin?” I raised an eyebrow at my mom.

“I’ve never thought it was.”

She sounded surprised.

I laughed.

“You used to.”

“I did?”

“Yeah Mom. Trust me.  You used to be quite vocal about that subject.”


“Yup.  But I guess that was before your aneurysm.  You’ve changed a lot since then.”


This year marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  It’ll also be 10 years since my mom’s brain aneurysm almost killed her.  She has no recollection of the terrorist attacks. Those days never happened for her.  She was locked safely inside her mind, while her body was fighting to survive in the ICU.

The mother we knew went into that hospital.  But a whole new and different person came out.

Ten years later I am still learning about this new person.  About her likes and dislikes.  About what she finds funny.  About what her convictions are.

This person is different from the mother who raised me, and yet, she is still my mom.

For so many, September 11th marks the day that their worlds were forever changed.

The same is true for us… just for a different reason.

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6 Responses to A Different Reason

  • Leigh-Anne says:

    Love you all.

  • Lu says:

    Oh my gawd Jenn this is so freaky. I was *just* talking to MIke about the same thing. In July of 2001 is when my dad and the boys passed. So my world changed forever in a different way. Every year I think about how it has been and what has changed and keeps changing.

    I am sorry to learn that about your mom. That is so tragic. I can only imagine what you all went through nursing her back to health. I am so glad that your mom pulled through it. It’s weird, but my mom changed too. She has never been the same since. It’s weird.

    Anyway, I just decided to write a whole blog post in your comments. The fact that these words were coming out of my mouth as I opened up my computer and saw this post on FB.
    Well I love you long time. Bug hugs to you mama. xoxo

  • Tam says:

    Although I hate that your family experienced your mum becoming suddenly so unwell, I am so pleased that you have a ’10 years and going strong’ type anniversary to celebrate. x

  • Pgoodness says:

    That is so interesting! I wonder if her changes are due to a life is short idea or if she just finally let go of the catholic “programming”. ;)

    I’m glad you have something to celebrate today. I can’t imagine how surreal the attacks must be to her!

  • Lisa says:

    It is crazy how a day can mean so many different things for so many different people, even a big date, a universal to everyone day, like 9/11. I’m glad you and your family has something to celebrate on this day.

  • woah. i knew about this, but i didn’t piece it together in terms of 9/11. it’s incredible to me to learn about everyone’s life then and now. 10 years doesn’t seem like a huge amount of time, but there is so much that can happen in the blink of an eye, let alone 10 years. it really makes me appreciate perspectives like yours. and like lisa mentioned, i too am glad you have something to celebrate on that day.

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