As The Seasons Change

Ahhhh… October. The changing of the leaves, the return of the pumpkin spice lattes, pulling the winter wardrobe out of storage…

What? Not everyone gets to experience the joy of packing away all the summer clothes and pulling out your winter outfits that have been packed away for the past…ummm…three months…?

It’s SO! MUCH! FUN! *cough*

I just love having to go through every single shirt and figure out if it still fits Vista or if it can go in the donate pile. Love it, I tell you! I can’t think of anything I’d rather do with an hour of my life. *sob*

Vista on the other hand is beside herself with joy. She’s a firm believer in the theory that a girl can never have too many clothes.

Every shirt she pulls out needs to be ooooooohhh’d and awwwwwww’d over.  Then it has to be hugged.  Like you would hug a long lost friend.  Then she has to exclaim “Oh! My favorite shirt!  I’ve missed it SO MUCH!!” over Every. Single.  Shirt.

It’s a loooooong process.

Don’t even get me started on the absolute elation when she discovered the pile footie pajamas.  She’s a footie girl, through and through.  There might have been squeeing  (on her part) and a few advil popped (on my part).

On the bright side, since she so excited about the new-ish clothes, she’s more than happy to help put everything away in the drawers.   Child labour for the win!

The wardrobe change over does tend to highlight exactly how much your kid has grown over the summer, though.

I put a size 5/6 shirt on her this morning, thinking it would still be fine on my 4 year old.  Uhhh, yeah… that would be a negative. Unless of course I was looking to send her to school in a belly bearing crop top.  Oy.

I am thanking my lucky stars I stocked up on a bunch of size 7/8 winter clothes when they went on sale last spring, otherwise I’d be taking out another mortgage just to keep this kid in clothes.

Have you started the great clothes swap with your kids yet?



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8 Responses to As The Seasons Change

  • Bil Simser says:

    If they just made clothese that were expandable, you know, like our kitchen table. Then we just buy one pair and they grow with the child over years. Oh well.

  • Amanda says:

    You can send the 5/6 clothes here – we will be able to wear them in….

    2 or 3 more years (as I put my almost 4 yr old in a 3T that is too big for her)…

  • Tam says:

    We’re doing the same thing, except the spring / summer wardrobe is being pulled out. Which is problematic since evidently the only one of us WITH a spring/summer wardrobe is Oliver. The rest of us need to hit up target. Right after we buy a house, and then re-mortgage it to fund said shopping trip.

    Stupid seasons.

  • Lisa says:

    More proof that Vista and Maya would get along so well :) When we got home from Australia I went through all Maya’s stuff because she went through a growth spurt while we were down there. She was on cloud nine. She was actually sad when the impromptu fashion show was over. Not to mention I had to hide the things that were ready to be donated because “OH MY GOD MOM IT’S MY FAVORITE SHIRT I WANT TO KEEP IT FOREVER”

  • Heather says:

    Here…where I live…we don’t have winter clothes. I don’t even own a winter coat.

    have fun with that! ;)

    love you!

  • Michelle says:

    I just went through a box of clothes under the crib and realized that the baby had more clothes then I could fit into his drawers. As I’d been saving them up for when he gets bigger and then forgot about them.

    Do you have any 4T left? That’s about S1’s size and she always likes new (to her) clothes.

  • laura m says:

    We just moved to CO last year,and we have ups and downs right now, but we’ve just pulled out all the winter clothes, jackets, etc and moved them to the front of the closets.My daughter loves it, the boys don’t know a differenc. Since Michael just got here he will be in need of a winter jacket. Oy

  • sounds like it’s time for the list of clothing needs and sizes for auntie nic to make a trip to target and shop for v… cuz i HATE shopping for v. i can’t think of anything worse IN THE WORLD.

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