My House Is In Chaos And I’m So Happy

We’ve been talking about ripping out all the carpets in the house and replacing them with … something… for a long time now.  It turns out have to black dogs and beige carpets really doesn’t mix.  Who knew.

Those beige carpets end up being a lovely shade of grey most of the time, despite vacuuming daily (twice a day when the dogs are really shedding).

Needless to say, I loathed them with a hate I can’t even explain.

Add to that, Vista’s allergies that would have her breaking out in hives if she played on certain spots on the carpet (we have no idea… it was weird – and not related to the animals.  She hugs and loves on them all the time with no issues) and it was time for the carpets to go buh-bye.

I mentioned to my parents that we were thinking about redoing the floors and they were quick to recommend the same person who had put hardwood in their house.  He was a good friend of one of my brothers and he really had done a beautiful job in Mom & Dad’s house.  I promised to call him… at some point.

A week passed and I still hadn’t found the time to call, when my brother called me.  Did I remember his friend Matt who did floors?  Uhhhhh… yeah.  Well he needed a new website and would I give him a call and discuss it.

Well thank you universe for the kick in the ass.

So, I gave Matt a call.  And tomorrow I’m getting new laminate installed!!  Woohoo!!

We discussed going the hardwood route, but Matt nixed it because of the size of our horses dogs.  Cork was another option, but I’m just not a big fan of the look.  So laminate it was.

This past weekend was spent ripping up carpet and underlay, pulling out so many staples I lost count, and picking up the laminate.

I’ve got blisters from pulling out staples, scrapes from the baseboard nails, my knees are shot from kneeling on plywood for hours, and my arms are covered in bruises from hauling in the boxes of laminate into the house.

And it’s all so freakin’ worth it.  I am soooooooo excited for my new floors (I know, you can’t tell).

As soon as my house is back to some semblance of normal, I’ll post some before and after pics.

If you live in Calgary or surrounding area and need new hardwood or laminate flooring installed, definitely give Matt a call.


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2 Responses to My House Is In Chaos And I’m So Happy

  • Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to see pics!

    Your description of pulling out your carpets and the condition of your body after brought back the memories of us doing the same thing last year when we ripped out all our carpet and had our hardwood floors refinished. If I never see a carpet staple again it will be too soon.

  • Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see it!

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