I Laughed, I Cried, I Peed My Pants

We have been trying, in vain, to potty train Vista for going on a year now.

To say she’s not on board with it is putting it mildly.

Some days she does great.  But we have to be constantly on her, reminding her to go to the bathroom.

And then the arguments start.

Like tonight.

Bil was doing the bedtime routine and part of that is getting her to use the toilet before getting her pj’s on.

He took off her diaper (which was dry – yay) and told her to go pee on the potty.

V:  “No.”

Bil: “Vista, just go pee on the potty.”

V: “No.  I don’t have to go pee.”

Bil: “Well, just TRY.”

V:  *starts sobbing*  “No, because I peed in my diaper…”

Bil: “What? No you didn’t.  It was dry.  Now go pee on the potty.”

V: *still sobbing* “Then what was that pssssssss sound?”

Bil:  *completely bewildered*  “What pssssss sound?”

V: “The pssssss sound…. It was the sound of me peeing in my diaper”  *cue a fresh round of sobs*

(the kid needs an Academy Award.  She can make herself cry at the drop of a hat)

Bil: “Vista…. you did not pee in your diaper.  It was dry.  Now  GO. PEE. ON. THE. POTTY.”

V: “Then what was that psssssss sound?  It was….”

Bil: “No! There was no pssssss sound.  Your diaper was dry.  GO PEE!”

V: “But I don’t have to pee.  I peed in my diaper!”

Bil: “You. Did. NOT. Pee. In. Your Diaper.  It was dry.  If you peed in it, then what happened to the pee?  Did it just vanish?”

V: “Yes!  It vanished!  …… Wait…What’s ‘vanished’ mean?


Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the living room listening to this go down.  By the end I think I was laughing so hard I just about peed myself.  Hmmmmm…Perhaps I’m not the best person to be trying to potty train my kid after all.




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7 Responses to I Laughed, I Cried, I Peed My Pants

  • GTRoberts says:

    LOL, brilliant but if she didn’t pee, did you ever find out what the psssssss noise was?

    PrincessJenn Reply:

    It was probably her wildly over active imagination. I blame her father.

  • Lisa says:

    Oh, 4 year old dramatics, they are the best ;) She sounds exactly like my friend’s little girl, she will come up with the most creative reasons why she doesn’t need to pee on the potty and if those don’t work she sobs like someone is trying to kill her.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m tired of pee. Can we have a pee pity party?

  • laura m says:

    Oh boy Jen you always make me literally laugh at loud :) V is so smart. lol…..I love kids when they do this stuff, Tanis is starting this stuff too, it’s hilarious. And yes, V deserves an Academy Award…. :) Hugs and best of luck potty training :)

  • i love that you guys are enriching her vocabulary WHILE potty training. multitasking at its finest.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m so glad we’re not the only ones. We have similar problems with Thomas regarding popping. ;)

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