My Secret Addiction

I’ve been keeping a deep dark secret from all of you.  Oh I know I promise that I’ll share my life on this blog, but there are some things that are so embarrassing that I hide it.  Only my closest friends know my secret.

I’m an addict.

There I said it.

I, Jenn, am addicted to…. nail polish.


I know.  It’s so shameful.

And not just the polish.  I love the decals and foils and stamps and gems and … well… you get the idea.

Think I’m kidding?

polishwhore 750x498 My Secret Addiction

That’s not even all of it.  I still have a whole other box on top of that.


It’s my one weakness.  My one vice.  (well, that and chocolate, but I’m pretty sure I’d die without chocolate so it totally doesn’t count)

 I’ve always loved having my nails done.  It started with putting on polish with my mom.  By by early 20’s I was regular at the nail salon and committed to my acrylic and gel nails, which were more like claws.

Fun fact – I prefer to type with my nails rather than my fingers.  No idea why. 

Every couple of weeks I had a standing appointment with my nail tech for my fill and manicure.  Right up until Vista was born.

The day she was born, she was so tiny and scrawny I discovered that my fake nails got in the way of picking her up.  So I sat in my hospital room as she slept and slowly ripped them off, one by one.

That was the last time I had my nails oh so perfect.

Until I started playing around at home.

At first it was just a polish here, a drugstore decal there.  But then I discovered nail stamping.  And foils.  And nail art.  And did you know there are whole blogs dedicated to nails?  *swoon*

I know, if you ever doubted the fact that I’m crazy, there’s no doubt left now.

But, for me, this is a small and simple way, when you’re constrained on time, money, and energy to feel…well… pretty.

So here are my tips to pretty nails without the salon price:

1.) More expensive doesn’t always mean better.  I’ve used everything from Chanel to Essie to OPI to every drugstore brand under the sun.  Some of my favorite polish is the cheapest.  A lot of my current polishes are actually from Avon and I love them.

2) Don’t be afraid to try something new.  If you hate it, that’s why nail polish remover was invented.  And if need inspiration for new things to try, look at some nail blogs.  They’re filled with pictures and tutorials.

3) It doesn’t have to be perfect. This one took me a while to learn.  I wanted my nails to be absolutely perfect the first time.  Thankfully I finally grabbed a clue and realized that there are lots of ways to fix your polish mistakes.

    • Got polish on the edges of your fingers?  Let it dry then dip a q-tip in nail polish remover and get rid of it.
    • Smudged your nails?  This is a great time to pull out the nails stamps or decals.
    • Touched your nail to see if it was dry and left a finger print?  Sometimes gently licking your nail will smooth it out (I know, gross… not one I usually try).  The other thing to do is another layer of top coat.  You would be amazed what a good top coat can smooth over and hide.

Last night when I was doing my nails I totally managed to smudge the top of three of them.  Go me.  So I did some nail stamping on top and voila!  You don’t even notice the smudges!

stamped nails1 750x498 My Secret Addiction

(just because a lot of people have been asking me about this stamp the past few times I’ve worn it
its from a new 
Konad plate #M85.  If you’re new to nail stamping, there are starter kits you can get).
And if anyone wants to buy me a present I have my eye on the new Konad M84 plate
and the new magnetic polishes *hint* *cough*
Bil *hint* *cough*

4)If you don’t need the new nail polish / stamp plate / decals etc right away, order them online.  You would be amazed at the deals you can find (yes, even for Canadians).

But most of all… don’t forget to take the time for you!


**Disclaimer** The lovely people at were kind enough to enable my addiction and provided me with a new Konad Nail Art plate to try out. They carry both of the new Konad plates, M84 and M85, as well as starter kits for those who just want to try it out.

The opinions, however, are all mine as usual (including the part where I think the fact they ship for free in Canada, which no company ever does, is freakin’ awesome). 

Just an additional mention about Konad plates…. these are great doing kids nails.  I’ve been using them for years to put little flowers or stars on V’s nails. By the time you transfer the stamp polish to your nails it’s dry, so kids won’t smudge it and a quick top coat seals it on so it lasts as long as your polish does. It’s also not raised like a decal, so if you like the look of decals but not the feel of them on your nails, this is a good option.



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5 Responses to My Secret Addiction

  • Jackie says:

    What does magnetic polish do? Will you stick to the fridge? Can you snake change out of your hub’s pocket? Please enlighten me. Also, I have a similar box and have coveted the nail stamper for a while. You are not alone, I am here for you :)

    Jenn S Reply:

    @Jackie, Magnetic polish is AWESOME. You put it on, then hold a magnet over it. The ferrous particles in it move along the direction of the magnet and there is a two-tone effect on your nails with the pattern of the magnet. My cousin and I both used it and got a ton of compliments. Also, I justify my nail polish obsession by saying (1) it stops me from biting my nails and (2) each bottle is cheaper than a manicure.

  • laura m says:

    I am so with you. I can’t remember the last time I had my nails done. used to love having long nails. Now they are all natural. My addiction is that my toe nails always must have polish on them. (except in winter when i try to let them be au’ natural :) I have a handful of nail polish but that’s bc most of it went back in the move and i haven’t been able to replace it. :) I love those decals. So going to have to find the $ to get some for me and Tanis. I know she would love them since she loves when I put little simple dots on her nails lol.

  • Chibi Jeebs says:

    Dude. I can’t begin to tell you how long or hard I looked to find the *right* container for all my precioussssss (Walmart! $7.49!). Aaaaand I may have kinda sorta a little bit ordered *cough*five*cough* bottles last week from (I didn’t know about Nail Polish Canada (iiiiii KNOW!): I’ll have to check them out!).

    Apparently there is an as-seen-on-TV-type version of the Konad set sold in drugstores in the States for around $10.

    Now I wanna take my polish off and start again, Jenn! ;)

  • Melissa says:

    I was present when the magnetic polish/foil package arrived. I have N E V E R seen you so excited. I like polish – but it is not my obsession. When I need a new color, I will come and raid your tub for ideas. I do have to say though that I miss our spa pedicures, so very indulgent!

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