My Life Lately In One Word: Gross…. and other random thoughts…

I’m hopped up on cold meds and my brain is not cooperating when it comes to working so here’s a summary of my life right now (and if it’s rambling and incoherent – please see the ‘cold meds’ part of this rambling and incoherent sentence).

Also, if you’ve eaten any time in the past hour, you may not want to read this because apparently my life borders on the gross and disgusting lately.  (WTF universe?)

  • V’s asthma appointment went well.  They don’t think she has tracheomalacia (yay).  But they do think her asthma is causing mucus plugs in her lungs which cause the massive prolonged coughing fits she has.  Solution: sit in a bathroom with the shower on cool (not warm, because that might irritate her asthma) to emulate a nebulizer.  Now…wouldn’t it make sense to just give us a nebulizer with some saline solution, if that’s the case?  But no… go waste water by leaving the shower running for half an hour while you try to keep a kid entertained in there while you sit on the floor without the iPad because, well iPads and water vapor don’t mix.  I understand the doctors up here in Canada are anti-nebulizers…. but really?  REALLY?  So now we are going to try to circumvent the system by ordering a kids nebby from the States and having it shipped up here… if we can find one that’s reasonably priced and will ship to the back waters of Canada.
  • After dropping off the half dozen prescriptions from the asthma doc at the pharmacy and picking them up we discovered after giving V one of the chewable meds that they had given us a different kind.  I didn’t even look at it closely.  I just popped it out of the foil and handed it to her because the box looked the same.  Turns out it was orange flavored (bad) instead of strawberry flavored (good).  And why was it orange flavored?  Because on closer inspection it turns out that the gave us 10mg adult dose pills instead of the 4mg child dose that V is supposed to get.  And we gave it to her.  And then my head exploded.  I wish I could say this is the first time this has happened.  But it’s not.  We even tried changing pharmacies in the past because it happened way too often at our old one.  Why do pharmacies keep trying to over dose my child on her meds?  Like she’s not on enough meds to fuck up her system as it is?  You have to help by giving her double and triple doses?  GAH.  And people wonder why we are hyper-vigilant parents.  Because shit like this happens the moment we let our guard down.  So now I’m waiting for a call back from the pharmacy manager so I can chew them a new one.
  • Somewhere along the line I’ve picked up another upper respiratory infection.  I think this is the fourth or fifth one this winter (yes, I know it’s technically spring now.  Until I see flowers blooming and green grass, it’s winter).  I have resisted going to the doctor because I hate being on antibiotics (might come from having anaphylactic allergies to several of them). This one might make me cave and go crawling to urgent care.  I hate admitting defeat.
  • And because my life isn’t gross enough, I spent yesterday at the vet with one of our dogs to discover he had ripped off the top part of his lower eyelid.  How does that even happen?!?  *gag*  Vet says it should heal over, but he’s on anti-itinflamitories and a cream for his eye for the next week.  And we have to keep an eye (*snort*) on it.  They gave me a cone-of-shame to put on him so he didn’t paw at it or rub his face on things.  Luckily I have The Best Dog Ever and he’s not bothering it at all.  He probably just took one look at that cone and went “awwwww hell no”.  Maybe he’s smarter than I give him credit for.

Other random thoughts of late:

  • I really need to find a spell check for my computer that includes medical terms.  I hate it when my computer tells me they’re wrong, has no suggestions for the correct spelling, and then when I check them, they’re actually right. I think I’m going to create a spell checker for special needs parents.
  • I do not get the fascination with mustaches, fake mustache pictures, and mustaches on a stick.  Do. Not. Get. It…. at all.  Am I missing something?  Is there some secret mustache society that rules the world?  That’s it, isn’t it.  It’s not the aliens we have to be afraid of, it’s those mustaches.  I always knew Tom Selleck was trouble.
  • I also don’t get this new trend of tattoos that look like the skin is peeled back and you can see the muscles underneath.  Makes me want to dry heave.  If I wanted to see that, I’d work in a morgue.
  • More and more of my friends are getting involved in these ‘home party’ based businesses.  I’m happy for them, but really, they’re all MLM’s (multi-level marketing) of one sort or another.  Then I got to thinking… isn’t drug dealing just a glorified MLM scheme, really?  The people at the top make the most money and the farther down the chain you are the less you make.  So you have to get more people buying your product so you can make more money and turn some of them into sellers for you so you can move up the chain.  *BOOM*  I’m pretty sure there’s more money in drugs than in these Mom-based businesses, though.  Unless your a Mom-based business who sells drugs – then you’re laughing.  Just don’t get involved with a DEA agent.  We all know how that turned out for Mary-Louise Parker. (I kid… we all know drugs are bad; say no to drugs; etc. blah blah blah, but I still don’t recommend dating DEA agents… just to be on the safe side).
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