Yes, We’re Normal…Why Do You Ask?

We spent yesterday celebrating Zombie Jesus Day with my family.  Vista and her cousin had fun eating copious amounts of chocolate and then screaming like banshees as they ran around the house.

My grandmother was also down visiting.  Luckily she’s half deaf so she can just turn off her hearing aides so she doesn’t have to listen to the kids.  I’m looking forward to that day.

kidswithgrandma Yes, Were Normal...Why Do You Ask?

My grandmother, nephew and Vista.  V would be the one with
fake tattoos on her face and hands and trying out the
‘duck lip’ look.  Please send help when she’s a teen.

It’s always entertaining having dinner with my family.  The evening is always filled with ribbing and jokes at each others expenses.  I come by the snark naturally, as evidenced by this conversation…

Dad: Why is it so hot in here?

Mom: It’s not.  

Dad: Yes it is.  Did you turn the furnace up or something?

Me: I don’t find it hot.  I think it’s just fine.

Dad:  No… it’s hot in here.

Mom:  Are you having hot flashes or something?  Maybe you’re going through ‘man-opause’.

Me: *on the floor laughing while my dad glares at both of us*

That right there is love, people.

normal Yes, Were Normal...Why Do You Ask?

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