Dusting This Place Off

Back to school and back to blogging.  I feel like I can be excited about writing again.

I decided to take the summer off to just enjoy the sun, hanging with V, and take time to recharge.  It was something I needed.  Time to reflect and just….be.

But lots has happened since June.

So here’s a 3mth update:

In June we were worried about V getting for an aide for school this fall.  She was doing really well and if she scored too high on her assessments she wouldn’t qualify for that assistance, even though we still knew she needed it to some degree. Turns out we didn’t need to worry.  She only scored 5th percentile or below in all her testing.  Her fine motor scored less than 1st percentile because of severe behaviour issues during the testing.

Those test results were a bit of a sucker punch.  We had watched her improve so much through the year.  But we didn’t take into account the growth and improvement that is natural and expected of a kid her age.  So, when you factor that in, she’s still sitting about a year behind in her skill set.

Except for reading and computer skills.  Those are off the chart.  The school has asked for permission to test her reading again when school starts to get a gauge of them.  Last fall at the age of 4 she was reading at a solid grade 2 level.  They think her level now that she’s 5 is closer to a high grade 3/4 level.   Which scares the hell out of me.  I was an early reader too, but she’s way beyond where I was at her age.

At least we don’t have any worries about her alphabet skills going into kindergarten.  icon wink Dusting This Place Off

July was project month.  Which including building this behemoth in the backyard.

playset 750x499 Dusting This Place Off

We started off trying to build it ourselves, with the help of some friends.

Then we got real and called in the experts (aka: My dad and a couple of his buddies).

theoldweatherguys 221x300 Dusting This Place Off

Without them, I can safely say that swing set would still be a work in progress.

We’re very glad we bought this though.  It has an angled ladder with a handle, which allow’s V to climb up on her own. (she can’t manage the more vertical ladders that are on many slides at playgrounds).  And having swings in our backyard has really allowed her to work on her core strength and balance.  Yay for play that acts as therapy!

We also got her a new wooden playhouse because her old plastic one was too small for her (can we say major growth spurt?).  Bil and I built that one ourselves.  I won’t show you pictures, though, because it’s a wee bit crooked.  I blame warped boards for that.  It has nothing to do with our complete and utter lack of building skills.

August was an awesome month.  We paid off all our debt (except for the mortgage)!!  YAY!!!!

That was an amazing feeling…. for the whole week it lasted.

Because then we went out and bought this:

5thwheel 750x499 Dusting This Place Off

5thwheelinside 750x499 Dusting This Place Off

But we’re super happy to have bought this.  We got an awesome end-of-summer deal on it and we’ll have it paid off by the spring.

It means we can actually take camping TRIPS with V, rather than short excursions close to home.  This allows us the flexibility of making her meds while we’re on the road and also give us the security of having a power source in case we need to use her nebulizer.

We’re already saving up for a camping trip out to Vancouver Island next summer.  Can’t wait to show V the ocean!

And that brings us to September!

School starts tomorrow!!  (Me, excited?  Naaaaaah)

V has her aide from last year back again, which we’re thrilled about.  And now we just wait and see how she handles the first day back!

Hope you all had a fabulous summer too!


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8 Responses to Dusting This Place Off

  • Michelle says:

    Glamping at it’s best. Vancouver Island….I may have to tag along with my family. I don’t know if our husbands would survive that trip. LOL

    PrincessJenn Reply:

    I don’t think Victoria would survive both our families at once. lol

  • Jackie says:

    Umm…you camper is nicer than some houses I’ve lived in. I might just come glamping at your house ;)

    PrincessJenn Reply:

    I’m thinking you, Crystal and I need to go glamping for a weekend together. Kids optional.

  • Michelle says:

    Good Luck V!!! And Jenn, make the most of the time while she’s in school. Just think of the last time you’ve consistently had that much time alone.

  • Lisa says:

    Yay for fun summers. Sounds like you guys had a great one. That camper is awesome. Feel free to drive that thing on down here to Seattle and pay us a visit :)

    PrincessJenn Reply:

    Ooo… we may have to do that. We’ll be so close and then Bil could go bug his Microsoft buddies…

  • Laura M. says:

    I am so happy she still qualifies, I know what you went through to get all that. Awesome playground, we are trying to find one to get for our yard for next summer. Hugs to V and can’t wait to hear all the good updates. Hugs

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