Well that was interesting….

My poor, poor neglected blog.

I needed to step away from social media for a while to focus on real life for a bit.  I didn’t put a big announcement on here, or make a big deal about it, simply because I didn’t know when I would be back (if ever).

Now that V is in school full time (Grade 1! OMG! How did that happen??), I finally feel like I can breathe, regroup, and look back and the chaos that has been this year.

This year started off with my autoimmune disease going from ‘inflamed’, like it has been for years, to ‘oh shit’.

What’s that?  You didn’t know I had an autoimmune disease?  Huh… I guess I forgot to mention it on here.  It’s something I’ve had all my life and so I don’t tend to think about it much.   The other reason I don’t tend to mention it, is because most people don’t know this condition is actually an autoimmune disorder rather than a skin condition.

It’s a little thing called Psoriasis.  For most people, it’s just minor patches of dry flaky skin that can be treated with cream.  For a small number of people (smiles and waves), it becomes a full blown inflammatory condition.

I made the hard decision to start taking a drug called Methotrexate.  It’s normally used as a cancer drug and has a list of potential side effects a mile long.   For me, though, it has been a great decision.  I do experience a few of the side effects on occasion still, after being on it for 6 months now (like nausea and fatigue), but they’re manageable and worth the results.   My psoriasis is under control, as is the inflammation that was taking over my body and joints.  I have more energy,  I’ve been able to come off a lot of my other medications (like some of my blood pressure pills) and I just feel better.  I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing this years ago.

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To take my mind off all my side effects when I first started taking methotrexate, Bil decided to cheer me up by buying me a new truck this spring.

Yay for diesel engines! (Oh, and husband’s that spoil me rotten!!)

My new truck is big and shiny and does a good job of pulling our 5th wheel.  Also, it has a backup camera so I can actually park the damn thing.  I love it a lot.

I was especially glad we had it when we managed to evacuate our home and survive what’s being called “The Worst Natural Disaster in Canadian History” this summer.

We live in a small town called High River that was almost completely destroyed by flood waters in June.  It was a surreal experience, seeing people being rescued off roofs by helicopter, and being brought out of their homes by giant combines and other heavy equipment (yay for living in a farming community!).

For two weeks we lived at my parents place, not sure if we would have a home to go back to.  But we lucked out.  The flood waters stopped at the end of our little cul-de-sac.  We escaped with no damage (other than having to get rid of our fridges and deep freeze that had been sitting without power for two weeks *gag*).

Most of our friends were not so lucky.  They either sustained tremendous damage to their basements (imagine coming home to find water and sludge contaminated with sewer backup that’s been sitting in your house for two weeks *double gag*), or their homes were ‘coded red’, meaning they were no longer fit for human habitation.

The town has come together, though, and slowly people are rebuilding their homes and lives.   Experiencing this has been an incredible testament to the strength of character some people possess.

After coming home and settling back in after the flood, we figured the worst was over.  Until Mother Nature (that bitch), decided to hit us with a massive hail storm that damaged my new truck (*sob*) and the roof of our house.  The good news is that it’s all repairable for the low price of an insurance deductible, which we will gladly pay.

Which brings us to now…

V is settling into Grade 1 after a bit of a rocky start.  She’s enjoying her class and looks forward to school each day, which is all I can ask for.

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least.  And now that some sort of normal has returned, maybe I can return here.




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