I’m a snarky, sassy, 30-something wife, mom to a five year old with special needs, and best of all… Canadian.

My husband is an uber-geek with a passion for all things Star Wars (….yaaaawwwwn….) and zombies. So if Yoda ever becomes a zombie, his world will be complete.

Our daughter, Vista, is a princess in training, and loves to make sure the world revolves around her.

Why is Vista special needs?

Vista was born with several congenital mid-line brain defects, including complete absence of the septum pellucidum and partial agenesis of the corpus callosum. These malformations have caused global developmental delays, as well as other cognitive issues. She was also diagnosed with epilepsy in early 2010 and asthma in 2011.

Even as a baby, she kept us on our toes with her severe reflux and milk allergies, both of which she has, thankfully, outgrown.

Keeping her seizure free is our main challenge, these days, as she doesn’t tolerate most anti-seizure meds.

Despite dealing with all this, and knowing the inside of the Children’s hospital like the back of her hand, she’s a (generally) healthy and happy little girl who loves our many furry pets, being an utter girly-girl…. oh, and being featured in Fortune Magazine.

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  • Hi Jenn…just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I found you on My Bottle’s Up, which I occasionally read. I read a couple of your post and really like them. I think, not just because we’re jens, we are a lot alike. So I look forward to keeping up with you. BTW, where are you in Canada? My husband’s Canadian and we get back each year.

    I’m really new to the blogging scene and here to learn. I’d like to transition my site to include advertisers, what would you recommend in going about doing this?

    I’ve added your site to my reader, so consider me a fan! I’ll be reading often. Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,


    NotJustAnotherJen Reply:

    Yikes! Icky grammar error. Mon dieu!

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