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Follow Friday – Commenter Love

I’m not one of those people who can say I blog just to write.  While that’s part of it, I enjoy the comments that people leave and the conversations they provoke.  I don’t think everyone to comments needs to support or agree with me.  In fact, opposing views prompt some great reflection on everyones part.

So this weeks Follow Friday is a quick thank you to some of my earliest commenters.  People who have been here with me since this was a baby fledgling blog.

  • Lisa from Lets Talk Babies was one of my first commenters that I didn’t know (always a big deal when you’re starting your blog). Now I chat with her on a regular basis on Twitter. She’s wonderfully supportive and she has an amazingly resourceful blog of her own.
  • Ladybugsgrama is, and always has been, one of my favorite follows.  Awesomely irreverent, fellow Celtic Crossing lover, and amazing apron maker, I adore this woman.

One more special shout out to TheMaggers on her birthday,  today (go wish her a Happy Birthday and bake her a cake, mmmkai?)

Who is your commenter love?

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Follow Monday?

My Follow Friday post failed to get done on Friday with everything going on with Vista.  Murphy’s Law apparently dictates that as soon as you blog about how good things are going, all hell must break loose.

So in true Vista form, we ended up having to adjust a bunch of meds last week, then spent 8hrs in the Children’s hospital having her diagnosed with a severe bladder infection (thanks proteus vulgaris.  you and your bacteria friends are total assholes).  One traumatic catheter, a good dose of sedative (for her, not me, unfortunately) and some strong antibiotics later, and we finally got to make the drive home at 2am.

At any rate, blogging dropped off the priority list for a few days.  But I’m back and as irritating as ever.

So here are my Twitter follows for last week:

  • If you’ve never checked out The Weekly Cupcake, then your ass and hips probably thank you.  Each week she posts a new tried-and-true cupcake recipe (with pictures!  aka cupcake porn).  Her latest one, the Tiramisu Cupcakes, had me drooling all over my keyboard.
  • Highandnoble is documenting her journey since her husband was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) last month.  She has also started a new twitter account for it (OurALSJourney).  Her blog stories about the first symptoms, telling their family and children about the terminal diagnosis, and dealing with the fact that her husband doesn’t look sick, are truly moving.

I’ll be back in a few days, baring any unforeseen catastrophes with more fabulous follows for you.

Followfriday Follow Monday?

 Follow Monday?

Follow Friday – Women of Strength

I use my Follow Friday posts a lot to share with you people who inspire me.  And I’m so lucky to know so many of these amazing people through twitter.

I’ve also used these posts to share with you some of the people who help me make it through the days and who I turn to for support.

This weeks a bit of both.

  • We are huge fans of Rachel Colman and her Signing Time series.  She has an incredibly inspiring post on her blog right now about preparing to run a half marathon with her family.  That might not seem like a huge deal to many people, but take into consideration one of her daughters is deaf and the other has spina bifida and cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. I love the fact she doesn’t let anything stand her way and teaches her kids that they shouldn’t either.
  • I want to give a special shout out to Linda.  I met Linda when she came to do a Discovery Toys party at my house when Vista wasn’t even a year old.  She has a son with special needs and she became someone I could call when I was at my wits end with the system and she would offer encouragement, and tell me over and over not to give up.  It was Linda who told me to insist on the MRI for Vista and how to get it.  She was one of the first people who talked to me how to really navigate the health care system to get what we need.  If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think we would have the diagnoses or supports in place that we do today.

Who are the people that inspire you?

Followfriday Follow Friday   Women of Strength

 Follow Friday   Women of Strength

Follow Friday – A Little Something To Lighten The Mood

Yeah, I know it’s still Thursday. But I’m out all day tomorrow (driving a friend and her daughter in for their appointment at the Children’s Hospital. She’s terrified of driving in the city and since we seem to like the Children’s so much, and I can do the drive with my eyes closed, she asked if I could take them) and I’m too lazy to schedule this to post in the morning.

Anyway, this week has been a heavy week.  Tributes to Maddie have flooded the interwebs.  Some of them were so beautiful and touching.

So I decided that maybe this weeks Follow Fridays needed to be something to cheer us all up a bit.  I’ve got two great reads for you.  One about how all the ladies on Twitter have penises (you just don’t know it yet) and the other is an example of why not everyone should be allowed on the internet.

  • 2princessmama - Captured that classic non-twitterite attitude in her blog post ‘Twitter is Not Real‘.  Which is exactly why I’m an elitist snob when it comes to Twitter…cause all the weirdos men pretending to be women cool kids are on it.
  • I’ve been having a great time chatting with ReadilyAParent.  We’ve already planned several cottage industries around premade signs and hand crafted vibrators (because romance can only take you so far).  And if you understood none of that?  You should definitely be following her on twitter so you can join in our insanity.  But what really made me love her? The Most Ridiculous Facebook Conversation Ever

There you have it.  Frivolity all round.

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Follow Friday – Sending Love

It seems like a lot of people are struggling with blogging this year.  A lot of people are closing up shop, taking a breather and trying to pull their lives back together.

There are people who have stuck around though, and could sure use a good thought or a virtual hug:

  • butwhymommy – They’ve been trying to bring their son, Lion, home from Africa. It’s been an uphill battle. They thought the adoption was finally a done deal, and they were preparing to travel to go get him, when a call yesterday halted everything. Someone, somewhere lost some document and now they’re refusing to issue Lion a birth certificate. I’m hoping they get this sorted soon, so they Renee can finally bring her baby boy home.
  • irishsamom – Her family all lives in South Africa and she just got a call.  Her father has cancer and it’s spread.  I wish I had the money to send her over there to be there with her dad and support her mom.
  • GaribaySoup - has just started the process to have her son diagnosed with autism.  That is a hard road to walk and a difficult decision to go through all that.  But hopefully this will help them get the support they need.

So, head over and send these ladies a hug or three.

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Follow Friday – Inspiration and Strength

I was chatting with an old friend of mine last night on the phone.  She lives on the other side of the country these days, so we try to get in a good 2hr call once a month to catch up on our lives and how the kids are doing.  After catching her up on where things were with Vista, she said to me, “Jenn, I don’t know how you do it.  I couldn’t keep it together.”

I’ve had a few people say that to me over the past few weeks, and I just sort of shrug it off.  I really don’t think we have that much to deal with in the grand scheme of things.  We get the occasional curve ball thrown at us, so we readjust our course, and keep on keeping on.

But more than that, I look at some of the other moms out there that I follow and know that compared to what they’re dealing with?  My life is a walk in the park.

So here are some of the woman who inspire me with their strength and grace in the face of adversity

  • cjengo36 - Jenn blogs about her kids.  But these aren’t ordinary kids.  Her son, Jude, had a stroke in utero.  Since his birth, their days have been spent caring for him with all the joys and challenges that brings.  And, of course, that care is accompanied a parade of doctors and hospital visits.  Her daughter, Emily, is a true inspiration.  She used her experiences with her brother to create the charity Emily’s Smile Boxes.  If you haven’t heard about it, you should definitely check it out.
  • manicmother - her twitter bio says it all: “Crazy SAHM to 2 little boys, My 2 y/o is really bad ass & fighting cancer.”   After watching my friends fight that same battle with their daughter, I know the enormous amount of courage that comes with it.

If you need to see what amazing looks like, then go follow those two ladies.

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Follow Friday – Just Add Coffee

Years ago, there was a group of us who used to get for coffee every week.  We were all stay at home mom’s (well, I was a stay at home preggo at that point… the benefits of a cruddy pregnancy and not being able to work), and so Leigh-Anne, Nic, and I would all invade Crystal’s house, put our feet up, gossip, share, commiserate, and relax.

One-by-one, everyone gradually went back to work.  Except me – I’m still the lazy bum.

We still try to get together for the occasional lunch or an evening of cardmaking, but schedules make it hard.

I’ve really been missing that, the longer I stay a home.

So about a month ago, Crystal decided to resurrect the coffee time.   It’s a new group of ladies; people we’ve met on Twitter.  But every other Saturday, we troupe over to a nice coffee shop in the south of Calgary and chill.

These fabulous ladies;

  • Crystal, our fearless organizer, supplier of Avon brochures (which is why we call our coffee dates ‘#brochuresniffing’….don’t judge), bringing of pretty jewelry to play with, and fellow coffee snob.  Fun fact:  for some reason we haven’t figured out, Vista insists on calling her oldest daughter ‘Princess’.
  • Jackie - she’s one of those people who walk in to a room and you can’t help but smile at.  Last week she showed up with the CUTEST crocheted cap that she had made for Vista.  So sweet.
    Hat2 300x199 Follow Friday   Just Add Coffee
  • At the last coffee day, Danielle braved the waters and came out to join us.  This woman is what it is to be classy.  I want to be her if I ever grow up.  Oh, and I may have been totally coveting the scarf she was wearing.  If I could have figured out a way to get it off her, I probably would have… but don’t tell her that, mmmkai?

Now it’s your turn. Create your own coffee tweetup. It’s a great way to get out for a few hours and make some fab new friends. Then you’ll have some great picks for your own Follow Friday post, too.

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Follow Friday – Book Bitches

    I have always had my nose stuck in a book.  There’s many a picture of me, from when I was a kid, sitting at a campground during summer holidays curled up with my latest novel, ignoring the beautiful outdoors.

    And truth be told, I’m still the same way.  I love books.  It’s the one thing I don’t get nearly enough time for anymore. I would happily sit all day and read book after book after book if I could.  Yeah, I’m a loser and I’m OK with that.  I’m also one giant ball of useless knowledge, so, word of advice – don’t talk to me unless you want to be irritated by random facts.

    So with in mind, here are the lovely ladies I think you should rush off and talk to:

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    Follow Friday – Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

    Let’s give the boys a haaaaaaaaand……

    Yeah, I know you all have the urge to go watch Footloose now… sorry about that.  Well, not really, cause I’m kind of a bitch like that.

    And speaking of bitches, I figure I give my fellow bitches and beotches enough props on here, it was time to give it up for the men this week.

    • wfehler - I would say follow him for the simple goodness of this tweet, but he really is a lot of fun to chat with
    • jayincalgary - He totally deserves your sympathy now that he’s working with Bil.  As if having me harass him wasn’t enough, now he’s forced to talk to my husband face-to-face every day.  Poor guy.
    • And no list would be complete without the evil duo of the brothers childsplayx2 and bjhenry.  Funny, compassionate, both a little bit crazy, and both very worth a follow.

    Short, sweet, to the point.  That’s how you do a Follow Friday.  icon smile Follow Friday   Lets Hear It For The Boys!
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    Followfriday Follow Friday   Lets Hear It For The Boys!

    Follow Friday – Blowing Sunshine Out My….

    I decided to do double duty with this post this week.  Jen at The Psychobabble nominated me for a Sunshine award.

    sunshineblogaward Follow Friday   Blowing Sunshine Out My....The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world.  The rules for accepting this award are:-

    • Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
    • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
    • Link the nominees within your post.
    • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
    • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

    I’ve never been really good at following instructions, so here are a few of favorite follows / great blog posts I read this week.

    • DuchessMama - It’s her birthday today (Happy Birthday love!!) AND she’s about to have a baby any day now.  Double win!  Oh, and she’s stuck putting up with my sorry ass as a roomie at BlogHer this year.  Poor thing.
    • Jennscrzy - Has a great post on facing the frustration and the feeling of failure that comes with being an at-home mom, some days
    • pocklock - Brought up a really good point in one of her posts this week – Are you more forgiving and tolerant of people on the interwebz than in real life?
    • Messponential - I know she was on my Follow Friday list just a couple of weeks ago, but her Girl Talk Thursday post this week spoke to me.  Her and I tend to be of the same mind on a lot of things.  And only Colleen could do a ‘bitch rant’ and have it still come off as classy.
    • Chibi Jeebs - If you need a good laugh today, go read about the time she burned her cooter. Seriously.  I was rolling on the floor laughing.

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    Followfriday Follow Friday   Blowing Sunshine Out My....

     Follow Friday   Blowing Sunshine Out My....

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