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Color Me Gray

Everywhere I look I see color.  The vivid green of the spring grass, the deep oranges of fall leaves, the icy blue of the glacier fed lakes as we drive through the mountains.

But what if all you saw was life as a black and white movie?  Complete absence of color.

My husband, Bil, is that person.  Life is presented to him in hues of gray.

Being with him has made me realize I take what I see for granted.

Me: “Follow the red car”

Him: “*sigh*   Which car?”


Me: “It’s the green house here on the left”

Him: “*sigh*  What’s the house number?”


Me: “They’re in a yellow bag on the shelf”

Him: “*sigh* Which shelf and what does the bag look like?”

Yeah, as you can tell, I forget about his color blindness… a lot.

It’s easy to forget something we never really think about.  Do you ever really consider what color the building you just passed is?  Or what color the crayon is that you just handed your kid?   Yeah.  Imagine not being able to teach your child their colors because you can’t see them.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

It’s at weird times, though, when I’m reminded of this fact.  Last night Bil was playing the new ‘Scene It’ game he just got for the Xbox.  Part of the game, they’ll show a movie clip and then ask questions about it.  He had to ask for my help after many of the questions were the “what color was the….” variety.  So I’d sit and watch the clip and describe all the colors to him “The actress is wearing a pink shirt and blue pants.  Her scarf is blue too. ”

Think about that.  What comes to mind when I say ‘pink’ and ‘blue’?  What if all it conjured were different hues of nothingness?

It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

This lack of color can make for some pretty funny situations sometimes.  Take for example this conversation Bil and I had when V was younger:

Bil: “Jenn, come quick. V’s cut herself on something.”

Me: “What? Cut her self on what?”

Bil: “I don’t know but she’s got a smear of blood on her cheek and some on her hand”

Me (after looking at V): *snicker* “ummmm…hon…that’s not blood… It’s chocolate. “*

It’s easy to take things in life for granted.  Seeing colors… seeing at all.  But maybe it’s time we stopped and appreciated things now and then.

*In old black-and-white movies they used to use chocolate syrup as blood, because when converted to gray, it has a similar hue to red and a similar consistency to blood.  ~ Useless fact courtesy of my husband.

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