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Sometimes Making a Mess is Required

While spring has sprung (sort of) here, it’s still not quite warm enough to sit outside and play for any extended period of time.

Vista has been bugging me, daily, to let her play with her Aqua Sand.  I’ve been trying to put her off because, holy hell, that shit is messy and ends up everywhere, and I would much rather she played with it outside.  But yesterday, it was just the two of us (her aide was off for the day), and in lieu of having her paint (herself, the table, her clothes, everywhere but the paper), I finally caved and pulled out the sand for her.

I found the biggest tablecloth I could find and put it across the kitchen floor in the hopes it would contain the sand. Feel free to laugh hysterically at me now.

Photo 2ECE193C BCDA FAE2 14E6 A6B873B0399E 225x300 Sometimes Making a Mess is RequiredBy the time she was done, sand and water were from one end of the room to the other.


She had fun.  And happily entertained herself for over an hour.

And the bonus of the sand and water, is that it’s a great tactile sensory exercise for her.  I also give her lots of containers, spoons, and sponges, so she can practice transferring water and sand from one container to another.

For those not familiar with Aqua Sand, it’s basically colored sand coated with Scotchgard.  That means it repels the water and ans soon as you take it out of the water it’s instantly dry (no mud pies in the house).  It also means it doesn’t stick to her hands so she can play with it and experience the fun of sand and water, without the freak out of her hands being dirty.

You can apparently make your own aqua sand, which I may try, because this stuff is like $5 for a little container and quite frankly I’m too cheap to continue buying it.

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