barrel of laughs

The One Where The Roll Of Toilet Paper Turns Into A Polar Bear

I’m not purposely ignoring my blog. I’ve been honestly busy. Not in a ‘woe is me, I shant have a moment to myself’ sort of way. More of a ‘GoDaddy hosting sucks balls and half the people I know have been hacked so I’ve been spending hours restoring blogs’ sort of way.

But there’s been lots of stuff going on that I want to write about.

Like we had Vista’s first appointment with the preschool treatment program at the Children’s hospital. And the team of specialists (OT, PT, Speech, Psychology) rock. I was seriously impressed. And that takes a lot. They get her and immediately zeroed in on her weak points and we’ll find out this week what their planned therapy strategy is going to be for the next couple months. This makes me oddly giddy to have a great group of people working with her.

And since we’ve had Vista on her anti-seizure meds, she’s been talking more and more. And the results of that? Freakin hilarious!

Conversations with Vista:

Vista: “My boobies are up here and mommy’s boobies are down there”

Me:  “uhhhh… did I seriously just get dissed by a two year old?”

Vista: “What happened to my leaf??

Me:  “I don’t know.  What?”  (having no idea what she’s talking about)

Vista: “It turned into a wolf.”  *big pout*

Me:  “…….”

Vista:  *pointing to a roll of toilet paper*  “POP-A-WEASEL!”  (aka ‘pop goes the weasel.  aka Vista’s version of abracadabra)

Me:  “…….”

Vista:  “There!  Now it’s a polar bear.”

Me:  “……”

Vista:  “Wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhh”  *fake crying*

Me:  *immitating her because I’m really mature like that*  “Wahhhhh wahhhhh”

Vista:  “No!  You can’t cry!!  I want to cry!!”

Me: “……”

Yeah, life is a barrel of laughs around here.  Because, really?  If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

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