bath time

Just Add Bubbles

Usually getting Vista in the bath tub is as easy as saying ‘bath’.  But lately, with the nice weather, she’d much rather be up and playing than getting ready for bed.  So tonight, our conversation went something like this…

Mommy: “Vista, I think it’s time for a bath”

Vista: “No.”

Mommy: “Uh, yes.  I think it is.  Bath time sweetie”

Vista: “No!”

Mommy: “Yes honey.  It’s time for a bath now.  Lets go”

At this point she slithered to the floor and proceeded to do the crazed “No!  No BATH!” squirm. (Could someone please remind me why on earth I ever wanted her to hurry up and start talking? )

Bil and I exchanged a look over the two year old temper tantrum happening below.  You know those looks where you can have a 10 minute conversation with your spouse in about two seconds?  Yeah, that look.  I sighed.  I was the woman that always swore no child of mine would ever act like this.  Feel free to laugh hysterically now.

I took another look at the wailing banshee on the living room floor.

Mommy: “Do you want bubbles?”

Instant quiet.

Vista: “Yeah”

And with that she picked herself off the floor, walked into the bathroom and started getting ready for her bath.

I need to find a way to remind myself, the next time she’s having a shrieking, screaming, raving fit about something, all I need to do is find a way to add bubbles.

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