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Plug It In

Last night we were comparing ‘ZOMG it COLD’ stories on twitter (and possibly cursing everyone in the south) when I tweeted this:

plugitin Plug It In

And most of the responses I got (from my southern followers) was “Hahahaha…wait…What?  You don’t really plug in your truck, right?  You’re just kidding…right?”

On the other hand, I can guarantee you that my followers in Western Canada were merely nodding their head and making a mental note to go plug their own cars in.

So, to all of you who live a nice warm life, I present:  Yes, We Really Do Plug In Our Vehicles In The Winter

If you’re wondering why I sound like I’m talking like like Captain Kirk, with the pauses, it’s not because I’m out of breath or trying to talk funny.  It’s because it’s that cold out.  And when you breath in -40 cold air it tends to freeze your lungs and it makes it hard to breath and talk. No, not even joking.  Your nostrils also have a tendency to freeze shut at these temperatures.  Fun times.

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