cats and dogs living together

Putting the Kid To Bed…It’s a game the whole family can play. Even the cat.

Around here, putting Vista to bed is a team effort.

You say the world b.e.d and there’s immediate waterworks and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  And Vista gets pretty upset too.

She has a distinct aversion to the thought of going to bed.  Doesn’t matter how much we stick to routine, how much warning we give (or don’t give)… there’s always tears involved.

And lately she’s started insisting that Daddy come and lay down in her room while see falls asleep (because she knows that Daddy is a big sucker who’s wrapped around her little finger and there’s no way Mama’s playing that game).

But lately we’ve discovered a secret weapon.

Our gigantic ball of fur, known as Xander.

Xander gets mad props for not having clawed Vista’s face off (yet).

He’s tolerates her so-called petting.  He tolerates her hugs (which involve her laying across him and using him as a pillow).  He even tolerates her trying to pick him up and put him in the microwave (charming child of mine).

Xander was a SPCA rescue that we picked up.  We had no idea, really, what we were getting.

What we did get was a giant suck, a proficient mouser (judging by the number of decapitated mice he leaves around the yard *gag*), a peace keeper (remind me to tell you the story about the time he broke up a dog fight), and so much more.  But from the moment we brought V home, he was her cat.

And these days he’s our bedtime saviour.

As soon as the cat hears V start demanding that Bil sleep with her, he runs into her room, jumps on her bed, and curls up at her feet.  At that point Bil becomes persona non grata.  She settles right down, no more arguments, no more whining.

The other night she woke up at 1am crying.  I went in to try and calm her and find out what was wrong.  She wasn’t having any of it.  But eventually Xander heard her, woke up, and came took up his spot on her feet. She immediately told me to get out (no, not even kidding) and went back to sleep.

He usually doesn’t stay long in her room.  Just long enough to see her settled. Then he comes back out and takes up his normal spot in the living room.

I’ve never met an animal as perceptive as he is.

But he was definitely meant to be part of this family.

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