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Faking It

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I haven’t had the real thing in a long time.

A very long time.

Years in fact.


I miss being able to touch it and stroke the length of the…

pine needles.

Get your dirty whore minds out of the gutters.

I’m talking about a Christmas tree here people.  Boy, you’re all a bunch of perverts.  Cause I know where you were all going with that.

I’ll have you know this is sort of kind of not really a family site

ANYWAY, as I was saying…

It’s been 15 over 10 many years since I had a real tree in the house.

Part of me really misses it.  I love walking into room and breathing in that fresh pine smell.

300px Balsam Hill artificial Christmas tree Faking It
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And setting up the fake tree, having to fluff each branch, well you just don’t have to do that with a real tree.

I really tossed around the idea of getting a real tree this year.  You know,bundling up against the snow, hiking out into the forest, spending the afternoon finding just the perfect one, the roar of the chainsaw as you chop that sucker down and toss it in the back of the truck… sigh…. those were the good days.

But then I thought about Bil with a chainsaw in his hands and decided we were all safer faking it.

After all… there are no pine needles to clean up, no tree to dispose of at the end of the holidays, no lights to string (ours is pre-lit).  It does save a lot of hassle in the long run.

And our fake tree tends to stand up better against two curious cats, to big dogs who aren’t smart enough to know where their noses start and tails end, and a 2yr old with balance issues.

But I’ll always long for a fresh White Spruce tree in my living room.  Maybe if I’m really good Santa will bring me one.  Or at least a half decent fake.

So what sayeth you?  Do you like it real and hard as wood, or do you fake it til you make it?

 Faking It

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