Help. I needz it.

As Vista gets older and is able to communicate more, we discover more and more about her and the weird and wonderful ways that her little brain processes things.

Our latest discovery is the fact that consequence or cause and effect part of her brain doesn’t work. It’s just not there. She has absolutely no grasp of one thing affecting another. You cannot use ‘if/then’ statements with her.

Think about how much of our parenting is based on consequence reaction.

‘Stop hitting your brother OR you’ll get a time out’
‘Eat one more bite of dinner THEN you’ll get desert’

or our personal favorite

‘If you take your meds like a big girl, THEN you get *insert anything here*’

Vista’s comprehends none of it.

And we’re not sure if that’s just the way it’s going to be or if it’s something we’ll be able to teach her.

Right now, we suspect that may just be the way it is.

So dear internet people, I, once again, need your help.

How do you discipline a child who doesn’t understand consequences?
How do you cajole a child into doing what you need them to do when they don’t understand ‘action/reward’?

Help. I needz it.

Sometimes it’s Nice to Have a Toddler

There are days where having to deal with a kid who doesn’t speak in full sentences is enough to make me want to jump onto the nearest available freeway.

But some days have a 2 year old who doesn’t fully comprehend everything I say (but likes to act like she does) sure comes in handy.  Take tonight for example…

Me:  “OK, time for a bottle and we’ll go to bed?”

bluecoffee 300x239 Sometimes its Nice to Have a ToddlerVista:  “No.”

Me: “Yup,  it’s time for a bottle and bed.”

Vista: “Mmmmm… Nope.”

Me: *pondering how get her in to bed without a fight* “Do you want some blue coffee?”

Vista: “Yeah!”

So I made her a bottle, told her it was blue coffee, and everyone was happy.

Something tells me that’s not going to work so well five years from now.

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