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Dollar Store Whore

A few weeks ago I threw caution to the wind and signed up for The Dollar Store Challenge hosted by JustOneMiss and DrawingCowboys. The challenge: Take $20, hit the local dollar store, pick out the coolest stuff you can find, send it to another blogger.

I drew Carrie’s name and so after a wee bit of research, off I went, with Vista in tow, to help pick out stuff (because I wanted to make the challenge a little more challenging).  There was a lot of V throwing stuff *she* wanted into the basket and me either getting a few more for Carrie’s girls or throwing it back on the shelf as soon as Vista moved on to some new treasure she had to have.  Yeah, my daughter is a dollar store whore like her mom.

Now like the perfect idiot I am, I totally forgot to take pictures before sending her parcel off to Carrie. I’m not so brilliant sometimes.  But I did manage to get some great stuff for her and, oh who am I kidding…95% of it was all for her girls. icon smile Dollar Store Whore

Today, I popped over to our mailbox, and what was waiting for me? My parcel from Nicole!!

We rushed home and tore the paper of the package.

The first score was the cool box she sent it in.  Vista loves boxes.  She collects them.  And she kept telling me how ‘pretty’ this one was (translation:  This is my box.  Throw it out and you will live to regret it)

thebox 229x300 Dollar Store Whore

After tearing the lid off, Vista immediately latched onto the ball that was in the box.  Because the only thing Vista likes better than boxes are …. yeah… I’m totally not finishing that sentence.

ball 299x300 Dollar Store Whore

She also tried to claim the coffee cup that Nicole sent.  We’re in negotiations over that one right now.  I say she’s too young for coffee.  She says she can ‘pretend’.  I guess she may as well start learning to fake it while she’s young.

coffeekid 247x300 Dollar Store Whore

There was a ton of wonderful stuff in the box for both V and I.  A huge box of chalk (which has already been dutifully dumped in her chalkboard tray), dominos, a travel Connect-4 game (I loved that game as a kid.  One of my favorites because I would always win.  Hey what’s the point in playing if not to win?), stickers, a little treasure box to decorate.  And my personal favorite?  A can of silly string.  It was so tempting to hit Bil with it when he walked in the door from work today, but somehow I managed to restrain myself.

loot Dollar Store Whore

There was one thing in the package that was undeniably for Vista, and that was the puzzle.  It had her name all over it.

vistapuzzle Dollar Store Whore

So a huge thank you to Nicole for all the wonderful stuff.  Love every bit of it.

This was a ton of fun and I’m hoping Miss and Kat do it again next year.  I’ll definitely be signing up.

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