fresh from the garden


Me: “Vista, what do you want for breakfast?”

V: “Uhhhhh…..Fishy crackers!”

Me: “Hrmmm, yeah, no.  That’s not a breakfast food.  How about some Multi-grain Cheerios instead?”

V: “OK muddy-gain-chee-yos.”

Me: “No.  Mul-tee-gr-… Oh never mind…”

*hands her a bowl of Cheerios*

V: “Mmmmmm….deeeeelicious!  Fresh from the garden!”

Me: “Ummmmm…. *sigh* … Yup mommy picked them special for you”


There are some explanations I can’t get into with her before my morning cup of coffee.  The fact that ‘chee-yos’ don’t grow on trees would be one of those.

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