Inside My Brain Is A Scary Place

The past few weeks have been too busy.  I need to stop and catch my breath.

Every time I come to write here, I manage to write once sentence before something comes up and I have to leave it.

I’m just not so great at the coming back to finish what I was writing part.

I have so many things rattling around in my brain, that I feel like I just need to brain dump, so I can start fresh again.  So feel free to skip this whole post and it’s randomness.

The requisite Vista update

Meds are still a several times a day battle.  She’s in therapy for it.  The therapists are stumped (yay for having the most stubborn child in the world!).  But I’ve decided to write a little e-book with all the things we’ve tried with her (that would work on any normal kid), for other parents going through this challenge.  Because, you know, I don’t have enough on my plate.  *snort*

Bil captured a video of the last few minutes of one of our evening med battles. Watching it after made me cry… and laugh.  I haven’t decided whether to post it or not. It’s not pretty to watch as I try and pin her down to force feed her meds. But it sums up our life in a 2 minute video.

Medically, she’s doing well. The current cocktail of anti-seizure meds she’s on have kept her seizure free for 2 months, which is a personal record. Fingers crossed, it stays that way.

They’re going to be assessing her in the coming months for Autism.  Meh… I don’t know.  I’m not convinced she has it.  Time will tell I guess.

Belgian Shepherd for Sale…

I love the fury creatures in my life.  But they’re a lot of work when I’m trying to look after V.  There are days when I consider rehoming all of them, but I know V would be heartbroken.

And as much as I love my Belgian Shepherd, he has the ability to be a grade-A asshole sometimes.  He likes to conveniently forget that I’m in charge.  If I were to ever get another dog, I’d look for a dog with the temperament of my border collie.  He’s still a handful, but MUCH easier to manage…and has an off button.

Not all PR firms are created equal

The longer I’m in blogging the more I realize that there are REALLY good PR people and REALLY bad ones.  That’s it.  There is no middle ground. Mark’s hired an amazing PR firm.  They’re delightful to talk to. Kudos to them.

However, if your PR firm sends me an unsolicited press release with the following title (and yes, it was typed all in caps) and no actual stated purpose in the body of the email:


….I’m pretty sure I’ll refer to them as douches.

Add the 5, carry the 1…

I’m seriously thinking about converting our garage to an extra room at some point.  Say $15K for a complete garage reno compared to $100K or so for an addition to our house.  If we end up homeschooling V, we’ll need the extra space for the school area (I have no desire to use the kitchen as our classroom).  Anyone have $15K they want to lend me?  No, really.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

My nextdoor neighbors just put their house on the market (he got a promotion, which meant moving to another province).  *insert sad panda face here*

So…..Who wants to move in?  We’re really nice.  Honestly.  And remember…..Free healthcare in Canada…..

It wasn’t ad-ing up

I decided to remove BlogHer ads from my site.  The money they were bringing in wasn’t worth the real estate they were taking up and the rules they imposed.  Like not being able to do giveaways on my own site.

So now that they’re gone, and if you’re still reading, lets do a giveaway.  Just cause I love you guys.  And cause I can.

One of the guys Bil works with also owns a company called Simply Nail Art (if you live in Calgary and ever go up to the Crossiron Mills mall, they have a kiosk just outside of the food court).

They sell Konad nail art kits and Bil bought me a set to try out, for the fun of it.  I love it.  Really.  I can’t do my nails without using it. Seriously.

It’s basically a way to stamp pretty designs on your nails without the cost of airbrushing.

It dries instantly (almost too quickly), which means V’s always after me to put pretty flowers on her nails.  And they are pretty darn cute, so who am I to say no?

Since I liked the set so much, Bil’s coworker gave me a set to give away to my lovely blog readers  (that means you guys).

Up for grabs: a Konad Stamping Nail Art kit

konadnailart Inside My Brain Is A Scary Place

So, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me when the last time you got to go sit, relax, and have a manicure (or a pedicure!) was.

That’s it.  I’m all about keeping it simple.

Fine Print:

  • Contest is open to everyone cause I hate contests that I can’t enter just because I’m Canadian.
  • I’ll draw a winner Friday, Oct 8 at 5pm MST.
  • Enter as many times as you like.  One comment = one entry.  BUT (you knew there was going to be a but), every comment has to be unique. No copying and pasting the same comment over and over.

Disclosure: This nail set was provided to me, at no charge, to give away to my darling blog readers.  I didn’t receive any other compensation (monetary, sexual favors, or otherwise).

Drama Sucks So I’m Giving Away Stuff

UPDATE:  Entries are now closed!  I’ll be back shortly with the winner!!

UPDATE#2:  Allowing for 2 commentors who left an extra comment each, which brought the actual number of entries to 55,

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-10-24 01:05:32 UTC

Which means the winner is Colleen!

Congrats Colleen, you are going to LOVE this!!

Thank you to everyone who entered!


I am soooo over this past week.

The whole internet seems to be one giant BLAAAAH

So, cheer up.  I have a giveaway!  YAY!

That’s right, my very first one.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen my tweets about Tassimo Canada giving away free Tassimo machines.  If you thought it was yet another internet hoax, you guessed wrong.  Mine was delivered by a very nice FedEx driver this morning.

Bil and I have been Tassimo die-hards for the past few years.   Take away my microwave, but lay a finger on my Tassimo and I will seriously take you out.  So went the newest model came out, we went out and bought it immediately.  Again, very happy with our purchase.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the Tassimo Canada giveaway.  I contacted them and said “Hey, I already have a Tassimo, but I’d love one to give away to my awesome blog readers!  So, can I have one?”.  They came back with “Is it a contest?”… huh? what? nope.  “Are you going to use it to collect information from your readers?”…. ahhh, a negative on that one too.  “Then go for it”.

Which means one of you lucky people is getting a shiny new Tassimo coffee system!!  But it’s not just coffee.  Espresso, hot chocolate, tea, lattes, cappuccino, chi tea lattes, the list goes on.  I love it for company.  Everyone gets exactly what they want.

Tassimo 300x270 Drama Sucks So Im Giving Away StuffBut the winner doesn’t just get a Tassimo machine.  Oh no, that would never do.  You also get 9 packages of T Discs to start you off:

  • STARBUCKS® House Blend
  • NABOB 100% Colombian
  • NABOB Espresso
  • NABOB Cappuccino
  • NABOB Latte
  • NABOB Breakfast Blend
  • MAXWELL HOUSE Decaffeinated
  • TWININGS Chai Tea Latte
  • TWININGS Green Tea

These aren’t ‘sampler packs’ either.  They are the full size packages you buy in the store.

So now the good part – How to win.

Let’s keep this simple, because my brain is sort of fried this week.

Head over to Tassimo and visit their Recipe page and tell me what recipe you’d most like to try in the comments below.  One comment per person.

That’s it.  Easy.

The winner will be drawn using a Random Number Generator.  Entries close Friday, October 23, 2009 at 7pm MST

Ready?  Go!

**Full Disclaimer:  This Tassimo Coffee System was given to me by Tassimo Canada during a marketing promotion they had.  I’ve received no other compensation**

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