Grifting vs Gifting

Way back in July I wrote a post about someone.  I took it down a few months later because, thankfully, it no longer seemed relevant.

Today, I republished it after it was brought to my attention that this person is back to her old patterns.  Same person, different name.

I kind of dread Christmas, in a way, for this reason.  It’s a holiday filled with generosity and giving.  It also a holiday filled with scammers, grifters, and con artists.

I’m not saying this person is any of those things.

I’m just asking you to do your due diligence before you donate.

If you really want to do good, there are lots of registered charities and organizations that would love your donations (your local food bank would be a huge one, this time of year).

But please be cautious of people who constantly ask for money on the internet.

I understand that desire to help, but it’s easy for people to create false identities and stories online to take advantage of people’s good nature.

The only reason I post this is to save my friends (who I know are all generous beyond belief) from being taken advantage of during the holidays.


So here we go again…

First we have to set the story

nomoney Grifting vs Gifting

settingthestory Grifting vs Gifting

motherdying Grifting vs Gifting

Then comes the ‘ask’…

donate Grifting vs Gifting

And when that doesn’t get anywhere, you simply (and subtly) tweet each child’s wishlist

amazonwishlist Grifting vs Gifting

The request for retweets about her plight

retweet Grifting vs Gifting

Annnnd…the inevitable discrepencies

job2s Grifting vs Gifting


So, the money at her job is pretty good, but she’s so broke she can’t afford gifts for her kids, but can afford a new kindle, buy books for her kindle,  and is saving her gift cards to buy the even newer model (rather then buying gifts for her children)…. To each their own, I guess.

kindlebrandnew Grifting vs Gifting

kindlebooks Grifting vs Gifting

kindlenew Grifting vs Gifting

kindlemoney Grifting vs Gifting

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