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Follow Friday – Commenter Love

I’m not one of those people who can say I blog just to write.  While that’s part of it, I enjoy the comments that people leave and the conversations they provoke.  I don’t think everyone to comments needs to support or agree with me.  In fact, opposing views prompt some great reflection on everyones part.

So this weeks Follow Friday is a quick thank you to some of my earliest commenters.  People who have been here with me since this was a baby fledgling blog.

  • Lisa from Lets Talk Babies was one of my first commenters that I didn’t know (always a big deal when you’re starting your blog). Now I chat with her on a regular basis on Twitter. She’s wonderfully supportive and she has an amazingly resourceful blog of her own.
  • Ladybugsgrama is, and always has been, one of my favorite follows.  Awesomely irreverent, fellow Celtic Crossing lover, and amazing apron maker, I adore this woman.

One more special shout out to TheMaggers on her birthday,  today (go wish her a Happy Birthday and bake her a cake, mmmkai?)

Who is your commenter love?

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You Can Be My Hero, Baby

I can remember writing essays on the topics of silly things like ‘Who is Your Hero‘ and ‘If You Could Have Dinner With Any 3 People, Who Would They Be‘ when I was in school.  I invariably took the lazy route and chose someone easy like Madame Curie, Catherine the Great, or Ghandi (yeah, my beauty pageant answer would have been ‘World Peace’…. what’s your point?)

But now, years later, I’m older and (I hope) wiser.  Oh sure, it would be fascinating to have a conversation with someone brilliant like Einstein, or be inspired by the likes of Mother Teresa.  But if I could spend an evening with anyone, it would be little Madeline Spohr.

Beautiful Maddie, who’s smile has inspired and touched so many people.

cake You Can Be My Hero, BabyToday is Maddie’s second birthday.

(Happy Birthday sweet Maddie)

How I wish I could send her a birthday gift to thank her for everything she has taught me.

To appreciate what I have, rather than taking if for granted.

To put down to phone, computer, work, and focus on what’s important – my family.

To be thankful for Vista’s health, my health, Bil’s health.

To never let a day go by without saying ‘I love you’.

So, if someone asked me tonight, who I would invite for dinner, my answer would be Heather and Mike and their darling Madeline.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to allow them one more evening with their Maddie.

But all the wishing in the world can’t make that happen.

What I can do, though, is tell you about Friends of Maddie, a charity founded in memory of Madeline Spohr.  A charity who’s mission is to provide support to the families of critically ill babies in the NICU.

As the mother of a child who was in a NICU and Special Care Nursery when she was born, I will never underestimate the importance of what the Spohrs are doing.

In celebration of Maddie’s birthday, I am asking each of my readers to consider joining me in donating to the Friends of Maddie.  Even if it’s only $1, it still can make a difference.

Today, Bil, Vista and I will be sponsoring a Family Support Pack as our way of saying “Happy Birthday Maddie.  We will always remember you.  You will always be our hero.”

launch purple You Can Be My Hero, Baby

Happy Birthday Little Bro

Happy 30th Birthday to my ‘little’ brother.
Hope the next 30 are just as wild.

(and in case you were wondering… yes he’s single, never married,
and great with kids.  Nope, not gay either. Oh and eyes…they’re green.  heh)

DSC 0206 731x1024 Happy Birthday Little Bro

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