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Hard Core Canadian

It’s bloody cold here.  Again.

We’re expecting another snow storm here this weekend and it’s minus a-billion-and-seventy right now.

OK, it’s really only -22 °C (-8 °F), but still. It is COLD.

So, like any good Canadian, we go into hibernation.

That means cranking the furnace, adding a couple layers of clothes, and fattening up for the winter.

Which means making home made ice cream!

No, really!

This is a great winter craft. I swear.

Alright, maybe it’s not the *best* winter craft, but this is what separates the pansies from the hard core Canadians.

So, here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients Supplies
1 cup Milk 1 medium Ziploc freezer bag
1 tbsp Sugar 1 large Ziploc freezer bag
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional) measuring cup
6 tbsp Rock salt (or I just use Kosher Salt) measuring spoons
2 cups Ice cubes Mittens for the kids
  1. Into the medium Ziploc bag add the milk, sugar, and vanilla extract (if you’re using it). You can also add other flavorings like some Nestle Quick syrup or 1/2tbsp of cocoa powder. Or just use chocolate milk.
  2. Squeeze all of the air out of the Ziploc and seal it shut.
  3. Take the large Ziploc and add half the ice and half the salt.
  4. Put the sealed bag with the milk and other ingredients (now’s a good time to double check that it’s totally sealed) in the large Ziploc.
  5. Add the other half of the ice and salt.
  6. Seal the large bag shut.
  7. Double check to make sure it’s really sealed.
  8. Triple check so you’re not cleaning salt and ice off your floor.
  9. Put mittens on your kid.
  10. Hand them the bag of ice.
  11. Force them to shake it / roll it / smush it around for about 10 minutes so you they can have delicious ice cream.

Once the inner bag is becomes a frozen, solid-ish, ice creamy concoction, take it out of the bag of ice and salt. Wipe the bag down, or just rinse it quickly under the tap, so your ice cream doesn’t end up full of salt.

Cut the corner of the ice cream bag and squeeze it into cups for you your kids to enjoy.

Congratulate yourself on proving, once and for all, that you’re a total badass.

 Hard Core Canadian

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