Follow Friday – Hugs and Love (but no baskets) Edition

I don’t know if it’s the alignment of the stars, moon, planets or other astronomical body, but this has been a crappy week for a lot of my online friends.  Who am I kidding.  It’s been a crappy week, month, year for a lot of people (anyone know how to fast forward to 2010?)

heart Follow Friday   Hugs and Love (but no baskets) EditionI’ve been dispensing a lot of virtual hugs this week and wishing I lived closer to a lot of people so I could smother them in hugs and love in person.  But since I’ve never actually met these people in person, they’d probably be like “WTF? Who the hell are you?  Stop touching me!  I’m calling the cops!” And then I’d end up with a restraining order and I’d be trying to tell the judge “But I was trying to hug them better” and he’d think I was crazy (which I am, but that’s a whole other story) and I’d end up in a mental institution.  And then I’d learn how to basket weave and I’d send my nice baskets to my friends to make them feel better and they’d be all “WTF?  What part of restraining order do you not understand?”

So really, I guess it’s better that I just give virtual hugs, because I’m really not a big fan of baskets either.

In lieu of baskets (or mental institutions, or if you’re a germaphobe and really don’t like hugging people in person) you should totally go give these people some virtual love.  Or figure out how to realign the planets.  Whichever’s easier for you.

  • Lu has been laid up for weeks now after ankle surgery.  Meaning she’s stuck at home popping pain pills.  And while that may sound like a lot of fun, the novelty wears off after a bit, trust me.  Then add the fact that, while she’s stuck at home, her mom is stuck in the middle of flood-zone USA.  Which means that the entire lower part of her mom’s house is underwater.  Which means (after rescuing their dog out of a tree where he climbed to get away from the rising water) her mom has been having recover and sort through years of memories from the pool that was previously a basement.  Some of those memories are raw and painful and shouldn’t be ripped open at the best of times.  So, Lu is hurting both literally and emotionally.
  • Sara found out this week that a close friend committed suicide.  As one of those left behind she is struggling with the “why”.  And the fact he had a daughter close in age to her Chloe has really hit home for her.
  • See that picture to the far right of Ezra?  Yeah, that’s Beth‘s son.  He has leukemia. This is reason enough to send her love.  But she’s having an especially cruddy week.
  • My girl Colleen.  I love her.  Lots.  And she’s just having a rough week.  From rushing her son into the hospital to find out he has a penicillin allergy, to having her mom diagnosed with anxiety attacks (which means her child care has *poof* vanished into thin air).  So now they’re faced with the daycare costs vs income conundrum.  (Completely off topic, but… Colleen does gorgeous design work, so if you’re looking for a new header or button for your website, you should give her a shout)
  • Sherri is sweet and funny.  But right now she’s dealing with something that it’s hard to find any humor in.  She found a lump.  In her breast. Yeah.  She’s had one piece of good news.  Someone has come forward to cover the cost of her mammogram and everything that comes after.  But still, she scared, and I don’t blame her.

So yeah… If you have time to stop by their blogs and give them a quick word or two, I’ll love you forever (but I promise, I won’t send you any baskets either)

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