I’m Not.

I see this all the time now.

“I’m PR friendly!”

Perky, isn’t it?

I go and look at the sites of the people who claim this loud and proud on their Twitter profiles, trying to figure out what makes someone ‘friendly’. As opposed to … unfriendly?

Does it mean you can’t ever swear on your blog?

Well, fine. But can you guarantee me that these people never swear in their every day lives? Never let the occasional F-bomb slip after dropping their grandmother’s precious china serving dish on the kitchen floor? Because if you agree to represent a brand, does it start and end at your blog?

Does it mean you can’t have any ‘questionable’ ads on your site?

I’m definitely guilty of that *cough* Toy with Me and Nipple Charms *cough*. I choose to run these ads because I like the ladies behind them. And I believe in the message of being sex positive. After all, most of us got to be moms by having sex, didn’t we? Are we supposed to deny our sexuality because we’re now moms? And yet some brands believe you can’t be both. A mom and a sexual being. How… interesting.

Does it mean you can’t write about controversial or hot-button topics?

Isn’t that part of what a blog is about? Our little space of the world to tell it like we see it. To be able to state our views loud and proud.  To prompt discussion.  And air our feelings.  Do we really have to abandon that to become PR friendly?

Housewife Im Not.It seems likes a lot of major brands want us to conform to the image of the perfect 1950’s housewife.

But that’s not my reality. That’s not who I am.

I am not a perfect mother. I am not a perfect wife. I am not a perfect blogger. I am not a perfect anything.

And in my imperfections I find beauty and the opportunity to learn and grow.

So, if being PR friendly means I have to create some false persona and project a sweet happy image to the world, then I think I’ll stay over here being unfriendly and true to who I am, instead.

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