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The Truth About Ownership

The new brand of quasi-celebrities.  Bloggers.  We put our lives out there.  Share our thoughts, our spouses, our children.  Share our highs, our lows, our successes, our failures.  Share who we went out with, who we saw, who we talked to, who we talked about.  Share where we went, where we want to be, who we want to be.

We put it all out there for complete strangers to read. And these strangers slowly become a name recognized out of the comments, an acquaintance, a friend.

We invite these people into our lives, saying look at me, this is who I am. Look and see what I stand for, what I stand against, what I won’t take sitting down.

But there is a price we ask in return.  We want love and adoration. We need support and comfort.

And the more we crave, the more people we invite, allow, entice with our writing, into our inner circle.  And as this inner circle grows and flourishes so does our power.

We become mentors, leaders, masters of our domains.

But, so it is said, with great power comes great responsibility.

With but a few words we can whip our zombie hoards into a frenzy and unleash them on some unsuspecting target.  They will do our dirty work and destroy and demolish.  Those who stand in our paths will be silenced.

Except…except…what happens when it’s not mindless zombies we unleash, but emotional beings.  Capable of rational thought.  And what happens when these people stop, amidst the chaos they help caused, and turn to look over their shoulder at the person who directed the rampage.  And what happens, when as one, they turn and bring the chaos back to our own doorstep.

As bloggers we not only need to own what we say, what we think, what we do personally, but accept the power we hold and wield.  Accept ownership, accept responsibility for those people who look to us and are willing to stand up for us.  Accept that we have the power to use this for good AND for evil and that the two are sometimes not so black and white, as much as shades of gray.  Accept that when people do things at our behest, on our behalf, we wholly own part of the responsibility for those actions.

IF we are not willing to accept and own this responsibility, then we cannot be surprised when people turn on us in anger and disappointment at our failed leadership.

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