Play That Funky Music

I’m in a funk. My whole mood is…in a word…blurgh. Which is why I haven’t been on twitter much.

The doc thing at the beginning of the week really shook me. You know how when you know you’re a good parent, but then someone questions you and you end up playing the “are they seeing something I’m not” game. Yeah. Oh, I know I’m a good mom (a bit egotistical maybe, but hey). But I’ve still spent the week going over the past two years in my head with a fine tooth comb. Like I said… blurgh.

ipoddance Play That Funky MusicI find when I’m in these moods I spend a lot more time listening to music. It speaks to me, soothes me, helps me escape. Music has always been a huge love of mine. As a teenager my most prized possessions where my ghetto-blaster and my walkman. Now I covet my multiple iPods.  Yes.  Multiple.  As in orgasms.  Because one’s never enough.  Because sometimes I run through the batteries of one, so I at least have a backup.  With the volume turned way up.  Blocking thoughts.  Only allowing the feelings that flow with the music. I’m positive I’ll need hearing aids in the future, but at least I’ll be sane. Or at least as sane as I’ll ever be.

Both Bil and I have fairly eclectic music tastes. About the only thing we don’t listen to is hardcore thrash. Flipping through my iPod sometimes makes me laugh. Especially when Jonathan Coulton plays right after Loreena McKennitt and P!nk. Throw a little Wyclef Jean in there for good measure and you’ve got quite the play list.

So, just cause I’m in a sharing mood, here’s what’s on my play list right now while I’m writing this:

Forever – Chris Brown
River Flows In You – Yiruma
The Old Ways – Loreena McKennitt
Talk Dirty to Me – Poison
Cruisin – Huey Lewis & The News & Gwyneth Paltrow

What’s your life’s playlist? Do you have a song that really speaks to you?

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